Saturday, February 18, 2012

Greedy Ghouls Flash Game Review

Link: Greedy Ghouls
Developer: Christopher Gregorio
Genre: Shooter/Defense
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

Darn these ghouls are greedy! Wanting souls and all. Greedy Ghouls is certainly a game to keep you playing and blasting ghouls has never looked this way before!

The idea behind Greedy Ghouls is certainly nothing new but it does bring in a few elements that are different. At it's base it's a defense shooter much like Zombocalypse or Tequila Zombies. In this I mean waves of enemies come at you from two linear 2-D directions. However, you do not get new/better weapons from air drops but rather by ranking up. Also expanding on the defense aspect you can buy turrets to either shoot and kill or shoot and slow down both air and ground enemies. A good feature that really should have been implemented more uniquely in my opinion.

The other big part of Greedy Ghouls is it is objective based. The goal is to complete three objectives to move up in rank. This is actually very similar to Proke. Not sure if this style of gameplay is a new trend or what. I don't mind this type of gameplay honestly but it has to be implemented correctly. In Greedy Ghouls it is annoying as some of the objectives mean you essentially have to kill yourself. Say the objective is to not get hit on the 1st day, yet you're already on the 3rd day. Oops, have to die to get that objective and move onto the next level. So really the ordering of these objectives needs reworking to allow for seamless gameplay. Overall Greedy Ghouls is a decent shooter defense game and will occupy your time for a little bit.


  1. Pretty good defense game. Storm the house sort of thing. Can get boring after awhile tho, but the objectives definitely help.