Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jolly Jong Journey Flash Game Review

Link: Jolly Jong Journey
Developer: Griman
Genre: Puzzle/Strategy/Relaxation
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Griman is back with another Jolly Jong game! This time entitled Jolly Jong Journey and it is worlds different than a typical Mahjong game such as his own Jolly Jong 2.

Jolly Jong Journey has managed to create something entirely unique out of the classic yet trite genre that is Mahjong games. You may have noticed I have added a new genre tag for Journey from Jolly Jong 2 and that is strategy. yes, Jolly Jong Journey added a heavy strategy component that makes the puzzles even harder. Basically now instead of just trying and matching the tiles any way you want you have to do them in a specific order. Makes for some tough decisions and a lot of trying to figure out what tiles and under other tiles. I honestly think this is a great move for Griman and the Jolly Jong series as a whole as honestly, if he didn't do something this bold and dare I say game changing then his entire series would be based off of an ever boring classic game. With Journey the series takes a fresh new look and shows the world that there is more than can be done with Mahjong than meets the eye.

The only complaint however with this style of play is randomness. Unlike normal Mahjong or any real Solitaire type game, I feel that Journey cannot just have willy nilly randomness thrown in like it does now. This leads to a lot of unavoidable stalemates and makes the implemented three star system almost impossible. However, some randomness is good as it takes away the ability of strict memorization and allows for some real puzzle solving and strategic thoughts to go on. Overall I love this new and fresh idea of Jolly Jong Journey and I hope that Griman continues to develop it into an eventual Jolly Jong Journey 2.


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