Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Killbot! Flash Game Review

Link: Killbot!
Developer: Pixelwelders and U.S. Killbotics
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Time to take over the world! Only one problem...  you're evil robot that you designed is stuck in the research facility. Whelp, time to make him sentient and break him out!

Do not be fooled by the genre tags of puzzle and platformer. I know loads of games fall into this category and I end up reviewing an awful lot of them, but Killbot! is different. Killbot! is one of the most unique flash games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. What makes it so unique? Well, a few different factors. From first glance the graphics do stand out. They are cartoonish but in a cool 90s cartoon way, so think Ed, Edd and Eddy or some other glorious Cartoon Network show.

The other and most important unique characteristic about Killbot! is the actual puzzling. The "gimmick", if you'll excuse my terminology, is basically telekinesis. And the way it works is very cool. Basically there are items just laying around which are susceptible to physics and your mind! So you can click an item and then swing it around, make it float, etc. This is useful as you can move items, press levers, all sorts of puzzle devices! On top of this you can use your telekinesis powers to grab clothes to disguise yourself for security clearances and such. Overall I just felt that the puzzle aspects and the puzzle "gimmick" for Killbot! was very unique and hasn't been done quite in this way before.

There are, however, a few faults I found within Killbot! These fall partially in the graphics but more in the level design. The levels are semi-linear, in which there is one start and one end but various paths to get to the end. However, the level design along with somewhat ambiguous distinctions between movable and immovable objects can create some problems. Control wise is also kind of lacking a certain...finish that is hard to put into words, along with some control issues in the actual telekinesis part. Overall though KillBot! is still a very unique concept that everyone needs to experience.


  1. I love the cartoony graphics, goes well with the gameplay

  2. Thanks for the review! The control is really the hardest part; hopefully I can polish it up a bit more for Killbot 2.

  3. @Zack Jordan- Thanks for the feedback yourself! And yeah, I really loved Killbot! so glad to hear of a Killbot 2 already in works (potentially I suppose). I wish I could have more accurately described the control issue instead of just stating it but yea...

  4. You could also help me test it, if you really want to help :).

  5. @Zack Jordan- I would love to help you test it! You can either send me an email at flashmushreviews@gmail.com Or I'll try and find your email off your developers site. =p