Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Robot 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Last Robot 2
Developer: Karma Team
Genre: Distance/Upgrades/Action
FlashMush Rating: 7.510

Get ready to fly higher and higher in Last Robot 2 with high soaring rocket boosts and jump pads! The Last Robot 2 is a typical distance game aside from the fact that it is vertical and more action climbing than automatic.

For quick comparison think Goin Up' but without all the crazy retro references and just typical pixel art and some upgrades. You may be hearing a hint of disdain in my voice but trust me there really isn't. Last Robot 2 is a fine game and it did keep my occupied...albeit for 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes and that is me actually finishing the game and getting most upgrades, so you can say that this is a very quick game. Quick games are fine in theory and if done right. In fact most distance games feature quick bursts of gameplay but have a strenuous upgrade system to keep you busy for a while. Last Robot 2 did not do this and in return suffers from extremely quick game finishing rates and extremely low replay value. And that folks is the main probably with Last Robot 2.

In other areas Last Robot 2 is good. Has the typical pixel art graphics which I do love but lately are becoming kind of trite and out of style per say. Also features a minor achievement system which is always good and a multifaceted upgrade system although they are easy to buy and the game is easy to win without them. I guess you can say I'm mainly disappointed. The premise of Last Robot 2 is great and one of my favorite types. Yet not much was done to keep it interesting. More enemies/traps would have gone a long way, also a better in terms of longer upgrade system would have keep the replay value and I'd still be playing right now.