Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mardi Gras Mayham Flash Game Review

Link: Mardi Gras Mayham
Developer: Nerdook
Genre: Distance/Upgrades
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

Can never be too early for Mardi Gras can you? The flashers, the booze, the beads. Well, Nerdook certainly is an early celebrator and I'm an early reviewer! Also noteworthy  is this is Nerdook's first distance game attempt!

However... Can't say that I was that impressed which is surprising as I usually love all Nerdook games. In a simple explanation I'll say that Mardi Gras Mayham lacked the speed and replay values of distance games like Chuck the Sheep or the Burrito Bison series. It is actually very slow paced, excruciatingly painfully so... The premise is the same though although this time the story is your girlfriend is forcing you to scrounge 500k for a better engagement ring after you proposed to her at Mardi Gras. This leads to many a drunken scrambles, getting hit by thongs and jumping on man boobs. I will say the one thing Nerdook did right in Mardi Gras Mayham is the humor factor, it is spot on here. Graphics are also, as usual, top notch. He has that down to a science.

But again, back to the slow pacing. You'd really have to play the game to see how slow it is but basically you launch and then you just go so slow... The mechanics are also very slow and you don't really like slide or anything, you just walk and then eventually you stop. That's it. You of course can get boosts from Red Bulls and whiskey shots (product placement?) but they are short lived even with the surprisingly lacking upgrades that are offered (lacking in comparison to other Nerdook games). Overall, I guess it's neat to see Nerdook come out with a distance/launcher game as he has done every other genre but...honestly I think he needs to go back to the drawing board with this one.


  1. First I love the design of your page, im a fan of wordpress and writing my own code.
    And second, Mardi Gras is tomorrow I will be throwing beads to tons of ladies from off my balcony. Following hope to hear back from you soon :D
    -college speed

  2. Mardi Gras today! Hope you are having fun throwing tons of beads to all the ladies James Nader! Also, thanks for the compliment on the design!

  3. This looks way more tame than my Mardi Gras experience