Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neon Race 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Neon Race 2
Developer: LongAnimals
Genre: Racing/Sports/Upgrades
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

LongAnimals is back with the sequel to the popular racing game, Neon Race 2! It's like Tron but flash!

But really, Neon Race, as the name somewhat implies, is very...Tron-ish inspired. At least to me. This style is actually really popular as I've played many games like this including Vector Stunt which is of similar ilk. So of course, even though this is the second Neon Race you need something to stand out in this racing flash game pool. What is it going to be? Upgrades! Upgrades make everything better. Neon Race 2's upgrade system is very similar to that of games like Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing where you can buy different cars which each you have to upgrade their individual parts separately. While I know this style of upgrades is a popular style I just don't like it. It leads to too much level grinding where a straight linear upgrade system I feel is the perfect amount.

I do like a lot of other elements in Neon Race 2 though. The idea of having "rivals" and other cars which you smash into to give you turbo boost brings a new element in and makes for some intense runs. This part could also easily be expanded upon perhaps into a real racing game instead of this single player timed race run game. The graphics, although I know I mentioned above how they've been done before, still really impressed me here especially the blurring effects as you get faster and use turbos. Overall Neon Race 2 is a solid timed racing game with an expansive upgrade system that will keep you buys for a while.


  1. Looks just flashy enough to keep my attention.

  2. I did think of Tron when I saw this, and it's actually a pretty fun game. Definitely an improvement over the first one. The gameplay is much better and the graphics have slightly improved. Neon Race 2 looks A LOT better in terms of it's design and appearance.