Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pawn: Tactics Flash Game Review

Link: Pawn: Tactics
Developer: Blank101 and JPillz
Genre: Shooter/Strategy/Multiplayer
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Earlier today I reviewed Pawn, I felt it then to be necessary to review the other game from the Pawn series; Pawn: Tactics. 

Like Pawn, Pawn: Tactics shares a lot of similar gameplay but also goes in its own direction. Graphically the games are pretty much equal which is to be expected as they are from the same franchise and developers, but I like it as it has that sense of continuity. However, whereas in Pawn you are essentially a 2-D side scrolling shooter, in tactics you play in a top down 2-D shooter. But weapons are different. Unlike in Pawn where you pick your weapon and side weapons of choice, tactics does well...a tactical move where you pick a class which has set weapon configurations. Think Star Wars Battlefront for this image.

Again, Tactics is a multiplayer game just like Pawn is so all the things associated with that do come into play, both good and bad. I do think the top down perspective in Tactics leads to less chaotic and more strategic style of play which is good as that is essentially what Pawn:Tactics is being marketed towards.

Overall, Tactics is very similar to Pawn, but this is good as it gives a solid style of game for both perspectives.  Top down shooter with more strategy for Pawn: Tactics and chaotic 2-D side scrolling action for Pawn. Check both out!


  1. Was a pretty fun game. I liked the original Pawngame wgen it was first introduced from CmG and it was actully active.

  2. True. Neither Pawn nor Pawn: Tactics are as active as they used to be but there is still a dedicated user base. Word is they are making another multiplayer game based off of Zombies. Looking forward to this as they have proved they can make great multiplayer games that have long lasting appeal, so a new one updated to current flash game standards and in zombie style would be amazing.

    1. It's true, There is a new game planned to come out called ZED. It's pretty much the same but very different if you know what I mean. No date to when it is suppose to come, but it will come.

  3. Ah, thought so! I'll just say right now. Can't wait!!!

  4. Hate to break it to you people but zed is not coming out, blank and jpillz made samples and advertised it to try and keep their current fanbase active on the forums and games. Which are both dying, current staff has upset alot of loyal user's and will probably be fully dead in a year max.

  5. Actually, Blank and Jpillz are very serious about developing zed.
    There isn't much news about it on the forums, unfortunately, but the developers actively post about their progress on a google+ profile.

    Source: Staff Member from Pawn

  6. This game is down
    I dont know when they going to fix it tough.

  7. One day I tried to play pawntactics and this ZED thing popped up. I mean,I saw it before, but to close the whole website just to advertise a game that has been developing for a year... really?