Friday, February 17, 2012

Super Defence Flash Game Review

Link: Super Defence
Developer: JagDish Chanda and Suman Ghosh
Genre: Shooter/Defense/Upgrades
FlashMush Rating: 5.5/10

Yay, another space shooter defense game. Waves of enemies coming at you, must defeat them all! While I do mock this by insinuating an over saturated market, I do enjoy these types of games and did enjoy Super Defence to a certain extent.

If I were to judge this game on looks alone it would place really high. The graphics for the space ships were very good and the title page was very well done. Likewise the achievement pictures were as well. However, gameplay is where games rise or fall. This is not to say Super Defence failed on that aspect as well, just...didn't finish. Standard gameplay was fine and had a great upgrade system. However, there was no finish to it. Lots of levels but no real story to string everything together, this gives no real purpose other than mindless shooting which I can do much better and in more fun ways than this game. Also, you must defeat every enemy to win a level. Not a bad objective but we aren't told that until we lose and then you discover to beat all the enemies you must level grind. Level grind...yes, in a flash game.

So overall Super Defence isn't a bad game... Just a very rudimentary one that has to work on some things. Great for a first attempt though.


  1. Pretty fun, however it's pretty hard to play already. The movement and gameplay is very basic, but still very fun.