Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top 10 Free RPG Flash Games

 There are lots of great flash RPG games out there, but here are the best that are free to play. They feature fantasy worlds, interesting characters, and storylines that can keep you going for hours.

1. ARCUZ – This RPG has an extensive storyline, impressive graphics, and game play similar to Zelda – what more could you ask for in a free flash game? Help your hero train and learn new skills as he fights monsters and accomplishes quests. This game will have you playing for hours.

2. Monster’s Den – This is one of the most popular flash RPG games for a number of reasons – game play is party-based, with five different character classes and lots of weapons, enemies, and dungeons to find and conquer.

3. Hero’s Arms – The adorable fantasy world of this RPG is a nod to early versions of Zelda and other magical retro games. You can defeat monsters, find treasures, and explore the magical world as you gain new skills and level up.
4. Dragon Age Journeys –This RPG is based on the popular game Dragon’s Age: Origin from Bioware. It has the best graphics of any free flash RPG, as well as a complex storyline, lots of character customizations, and original skill progressions.
5. Caravaneer – Although this RPG is set in a fantasy world, it differs from many RPGs in that it is a trading game. You must transport goods between towns on your caravan while fighting robbers, solving quests, and figuring out lots of economic and tactical strategies.
6. Mystic Circle – This charming RPG is like many other fantasy flash games. You must find seven pieces of a broken magical mirror that have been scattered around the island by exploring the world and interacting with interesting characters.
7. Yan Loong Legend – Unlike most RPGs, this is a side-scroller that two players can play. It is also a martial arts game that focuses more on fighting than exploring, which means that it iss important to develop your fight combos!
8. Mardek – If you’re looking for a classic NES-style RPG, Mardek is it. Slay dragons and save a princess in this highly story-driven game. If you prefer more fighting and less storyline, then this is probably not the game for you.
9. Talesworth Arena – This is your typical fantasy RPG with a few unique features. You can choose between being a juggernaut, psionic, and engineer – not your typical RPG classes. Train your character to fight in arena battles as they gain strength and new skills.
10. King’s Island – This RPG features some of the best graphics of any free flash RPG. It’s a “hack ‘n slash” game in which you explore the island and fight enemies. The one downfall of this game is that you can only use your mouse, which can be rather limiting.
Guest Post by Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris is a computer programmer who has been passionate about gaming for his entire life. He owns the site Computer Game Design for students who are interested in learning more about what it takes to be a game designer.


  1. I bookmarked every single one of these to try out later. I love, love, love RPGS, and I love free stuff. What else could a guy want?

  2. Looks great, having a list of games to try out makes it a lot easier. Not a huge fan of RPG, but definitely don't mind a few good ones.

    Thanks Marcus!

  3. I played Dragon Age Journeys, it was okay.

  4. Awesome, I was actually looking for a list like this.

  5. thanks for this great flash games list iv been searching everywhere for a good game to play online and this has helped me alot :D

  6. This is a really cool im gonna play these flasg games now!

  7. What???Without Crystal Story?Without Castaway 2?Without Champions Of Chaos?WITHOUT THE FANTASTIC AWESOME EPIC BATTLE FANTASY SERIES?WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???
    For me,the one who saves this top 10 is Arcuz.
    If you like good RPGs with good gameplay, music and challenge, I recommend these that I mentioned.

  8. these are some really great rpg flash games thanks!

  9. Actually there have been more greater rpg games
    you can update this list with MAREDK(2,3) and

  10. I could disagree with a lot of these. Needs to be updated, and maybe try out more games, because I could name off a long list of games that are free, flash, funny, immersive, RPG, mostly fantasy, and have good combat. Sony 2, for one. Epic Battle Fantasy 3, to go on. Don't make me list any more... Arcuz has pretty bad graphics and the customization is lacking, in my opinion. Journeys isn't even a true RPG, in teh sense that you can pick your path. I guess making a really good flash RPG is difficult if it's gotta be a flash game AND free...

  11. Wow those are the best rpg games dude great blog...keep up the great work

  12. Where the hell is Sonny?

  13. Kind of an old list (although I realize Sonny was out before this list was made). If I ever publish a new list you can believe Sonny will be on it.

  14. Hands of War (2, mainly,) Legend of the Void (not sure if 2 was out at this time, but both deserve to be here, I think,) and, especially, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 are all better than many of these. Hands of War I can see leaving off, and MAYBE LotV, but EPF???? You just can't make a list of top RPG games without it.

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    ... A Girlfriend -_-