Monday, February 27, 2012

Vanish Rain Flash Game Review

Link: Vanish Rain
Developer: Origaming
Genre: Zombie/Shooter/Defense
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

Well this is certainly a change in expected direction. Origaming, the team behind the surprisingly hit launcher game, My Dear Boss, is back in the ring but this time with a zombie defense game.

Although, not much can really be said about their game, Vanish Rain. Well..ok I lie, I can talk for awhile on any game. But Vanish Rain is again a very typical and generic game in another over saturated genre. It is a typical shooter defense game and with the inclusion of zombies it just makes it even more generic. If you don't know the style of game, it is the exact style (and zombie theme) as Dead Zed which coincidentally was just another copy cat game in itself. Nothing really makes Vanish Rain stand out.

This of course doesn't mean it is a bad game. It has a certain level of polish and I do really like the graphics as they remind me of IVE, The gun upgrade system is good, not as extensive as other games or as much as I'd like but at least you can upgrade clip size, reload time, etc. So pretty much in all of those aspects it is fairly solid. I did, however, find the actual gameplay to be sub-par. Found the weapon shooting to be slow even upgraded weapons, sort of laggy (although that could be my connection) and at times unresponsive. The balancing I felt was a little off as well depending on certain guns. So again, overall Vanish Rain is an ok game but lacks any ounce of real creativity and for that it suffers.


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