Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clear Vision 5 Flash Game Review

Link: Clear Vision 5
Developed by DPFlashes Studio
Sponsored by Armor Games
Genre: Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

There is a sub-genre of shooter games that have always been very popular and are also one of my favorites in the business. This sub-genre is assassination games. I'm sure you know the type. Just you, your sniper rifle's cross hairs and your target you have to find from a short synopsis. One such sub-genre franchise has particularly dominated in this market, and if you can't tell where this is going, it's the Clear Vision series with the latest installment; Clear Vision 5.

You may be wondering how a series can possibly change that much after five installments. You would think ideas have run out, the uniqueness well has dried up. To that I answer...maybe. But to counter that statement, what more do you want from assassination games? It's a fairly simple concept and doesn't require anything too special or extravagant. With that being said, however, I feel Clear Vision 5 does bring some new things.

Clear Vision Assassination Help

Mainly it brings a whole new level of polish. This game, while still using the tried and true stick figure motif, has a level of polish which rivals games with great hand drawn graphics such as Kingdom Rush. It also features the typical "house" environment where you find your new "jobs". This part is not new. What is new is the inclusion of a underground boxing ring where you can gamble your money to win some extra cash so you can buy some nice, shiny new guns. Overall, Clear Vision 5 is sort of the same ole' same, but it's a tried and true method but just with fifty more coats of varnish on it. Well worth the play!


  1. My Review

    My favorite installment of Clear Vision was the 2nd one. I didn't care for the 3rd and 4th ones that much but when I finished Clear Vision 4, I wasn't expecting a sequel because the main character Jake died at the end. But when I heard that they were making a 5th Clear Vision I was surprised. I wondered how could they possibly make another sequel with all the main charcters gone? Unfortunately, I found this one to be the worst installment yet in my opinion.

    Even though they added features like Underground boxing and a weapons store, they didn't help much. Underground boxing was kind of useless in my opinion. I thought the Underground boxing was kind of like the newspaper in Clear Vision and Clear Vision 2 that nobody wants to read because they want to get back in the action.

    The weapons store made it harder in my opinion because it was dumb that you had to get weapons before you could continue. Also if you lose a lot of money at underground boxing then you basically have to restart the game. The weapons store was a failed improvement that in my opinion was unneeded in the game.

    Also, I thought that the fact that they made a new character at the 5th installment was bad because all the previous games had Jake. They shouldn't of called it Clear Vision because it had no relationship with the plot. If the developer really wanted to make this game he should've made it a different title. I know the GTA games had different characters but they didn't put Niko Bellic at the first 4 games and suddenly switch for the last one. It just bothered me for what they did.

    Also I can't see what this game did differently then the last. Every game has the same format. Most of the missions are the same too. I know GTA has the same format but there is more you can do and the missions have more variety than this.

    I don't recommend you play it if you were expecting something new because the story was too weak and was bad compared to the original story. It didn't do anything different then the last one. It was nothing more than a clone and was misguided.