Sunday, March 25, 2012

Commando Defense Flash Game Review

Commando Defense Miniclip Game

Link: Commando Defense
Developer: Miniclip
Genre: Defense/Strategy
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

Not often does a game come out that challenges the set formula for a flash game genre. I love it when it happens but it is a rare happening. The last game like this I can think of is  Chuck the Sheep with it's resource gathering variable for upgrades. Well, today I have a new game that fits in this category! Commando Defense is a Star game from Miniclip games and manages to combine both tower defense strategy to a RTS style gameplay! Yes, you read that right.

Fortunately, this combined style of gameplay is not confusing at all. You control one guy in a RTS style, meaning you click where you want him to go and he goes. This is a really neat idea for tower defense games as you can move him literally wherever you want to provide extra fire power in a specific zone. He also has to build the towers you buy which are air dropped in. This can be annoying, the time and all, but it gives a neat feel for the game and it works well. I'd comment on the tower defense part of Commando Defense but not much to say here. The towers are fairly normal and can be upgraded. I do wish that the upgrades were of a tree system like in Kingdom Rush and have different looks as well, but eh. Upgrades are upgrades I suppose.

Commando Defense Miniclip Game Tower Defense

Commando Defense is also a prime example of a well polished game. I attribute this to being from Miniclip (or at least funded by Miniclip) so that does ensure a great looking game. The only real problem I have with Commando Defense in terms of anything is the difficulty. There seems to be a bit imbalance in some things. The Tesla Tower is ridiculously overpowered and you can pretty much win everything with a few of them maxed out. Also, the supplementary ground troops you can buy literally are useless. A more expansive upgrade system in general could have turned all my complaints though into positives, maybe that'll be saved for Commando Defense 2.


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