Saturday, March 31, 2012

Epic Stand Flash Game Review

Link: Epic Stand
Developed by Bright Sight Team
Sponsored by
Genre: Defense/Strategy/Upgrades
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

Time to make a stand.... an Epic Stand! Ok... I know that was a cheesy intro to this flash game review but it works as a transition... Anyway, Epic Stand is a pretty nice game brought to us by the developers at Bright Sight Team.

The gameplay in Epic Stand reminds me heavily of Cat God Vs. Sun King as you essentially are defending a pyramid with three levels. Enemies start out on the bottom level and if you don't kill them quick enough they use bombs to blow open the gates and enter the second level, and then the third. As the game progresses different types of enemies appear. You fight off the enemies using spells, you are a wizard after all. As you progress different spells become available to you to help in your defense as well as you can upgrade your pyramid to include better defenses (like boiling oil!).

Epic Stand is a very visually appealing game and has a ton of polish, you can really tell the Bright Sight Team put a lot of work into this flash game. However, I did have some problems with gameplay. The idea is great, don't get me wrong. But I found the spell system lacking. The base spell is slow and weak and the first few other spells you get are just supplementary spells and do not do much either. The ability to have an upgrade tree with different spell sets and better spell upgrades in general (like increase in power, etc.) would be a much needed welcome. Other than that though the game is well thought out and like I said before, a graphical work of art.


  1. I thought the same after giving this a quick go, it was actually pretty surprising to not have an upgrade tree, considering how every game bases itself on the idea these days!