Friday, March 23, 2012

Simple Motions Flash Game Review

Simple Motions Flash Game

Link: Simple Motions
Developer: Roko0
Genre: Puzzle/Physics
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Physics can really be boiled down into well...simple motions. And that is exactly what Simple Motions aims to show. You will do all the rolling, jumping, shooting and sinking to this poor red rubber ball that your heart desires.

While puzzle physics are no where near new or unique and Simple Motions isn't really either it does combine a few elements from various games and does create an end result that is fairly different. Basically this new direction is placing little symbols to make the ball do various tasks such as jumping, rolling faster, etc. This creates some very interesting puzzle possibilities as well as a hectic environment.

Simple Motions Walkthrough Level Help

What also makes Simple Motions one of the best physics puzzles in a while is the amount of polish put into the game. The graphics, while inherently simple, still retain a great deal of polish in both graphics and graphical interface. I will say that there is a lack of levels but hopefully level packs and a sequel or even flash game franchise will come out of it.


  1. I like this... it's nice, I like when flash games have nice physics