Monday, April 2, 2012

Angry Birds Space App Review

Angry Birds Space Screenshot

Link for Download: Angry Birds Space
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Developed by Rovio
Genre: Physics/Puzzle/Mobil
FlashMush Rating: 9.5/10

Did you really think I wouldn't review one of the hottest and most anticipated mobile app games to hit the markets? Think again! For I am here to do my review on Angry Birds Space! Of course by now I'm sure all of you  have already downloaded it and beaten it...

Here is where I normally would explain how to play the game I'm reviewing but...come on. It's Angry Birds, you know how to play so Angry Birds Space is not going to be any different. Oh wait! It is. Rovio must have realized that the typical Angry Birds formula is getting old, a la your typical catapult birds with various powers to knock things over typical physics style. They had to up the ante if you will in Angry Birds Space, and what better way than to implement space physics! Aka gravitational fields and planetary forces. This makes for some really cool puzzles and just happenings. Knocking things slightly causes them to lose their gravitational stability and plummet to the planets below, hopefully squashing pigs in the process. You can also force the pigs to leave the cozy gravitational fields and enter the cold space, whereupon they quickly freeze to death!

Angry Birds Space Level Help

I must say that Angry Birds Space has done a great job in reinventing the wheel per say ( in terms of Angry Birds sense) and really has saved the genre. Because I don't know about you but I've beaten Angry Birds original, and Angry Birds Season (not the new update though) AND beaten Angry Birds Rio. And all of those have been in the same formula just new puzzles, new graphical skins and an occasional new bird. Angry Birds Space totally reinvented the genre and has made essentially a brand new and totally addictive physics based destruction game. So get to playing Angry Birds Space!


  1. It has new changed gameplay, love it ;)

  2. didn't expect the gameplay twist

  3. Definitely better than the original, love having to account for the gravitational pull

  4. i like so much angry birds. play Angry Birds Space online here :X