Monday, April 23, 2012

Dash'n Knights Flash Game Review

Link: Dash'n Knights
Developed by Tempa Labs
Sponsored by
Genre: Strategy/RPG
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

Ready for something brand new? Well...brand new in my sense, as I've never seen a concept like this executed the way Dash'n Knights does.

What am I rambling on about? Well, essentially the game mechanics of Dash'n Knights. The "Dash'n" part should give a clue. Essentially you sort of "launch" your characters at your enemies. If you hit them you then have a gauge where you try and stop the bar at the max level to give the maximum push. This then shoots off your enemy and you bouncing around the level like a pinball game. Sounds fun already doesn't it? It gets better. This is an RPG! Which means there is a decent story line, lots of levels/replay value, a large upgrade tree, etc. All in all Dash'n Knights has a lot of features and looks great doing it.

Dash'n Knights Gameplay

So why only a 7/10 from FlashMush Reviews? Well... basically I think Dash'n Knights has loads of just didn't reach there for now as a few large issues come up when I play. First off the menu screens; some look amazing yet some are just black text on white screens...weird mix of awesome graphics/polish and "my-first-game". Also in the aesthetics department, some of the sprites in game look a bit wonky when they move. Aside from aesthetics the gameplay department also is lacking. It is weird that if you accidentally hit your teammates you HAVE to attack them (in terms of the push bar comes up), also the collision detection seems a bit off and can annoyingly bounce you places you weren't expecting. I also think that Dash'n Knights missed huge opportunities to in the shop/upgrade department, especially for being an RPG. The upgrade tree has a lot of upgrades but most are honestly pretty useless. Also, you can carry items/better weapons but they aren't permanent. They only last a few turns and you can't even buy them at the shop. In fact you can only buy various potions at the shop... Much rather would be able to fully customize each hero in permanent garb that then reflects on their appearance in game.

So while I do think Dash'n Knights is one of the most unique concepts I've played in a long time and looks amazing and has loads and loads of lacks a lot of basic features that once fixed would easily put this game on the top of my list.


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