Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nano Kingdoms Flash Game Review

Link: Nano Kingdoms
Developed by Trutruka
Sponsored by Kongregate
Genre: Strategy/Defense
FlashMush Rating: 9.5/10

It's been a long time since I've seen a game with this much polish and this much work and this much strategy come into the flash game universe. Nano Kingdoms reminds me of Kingdom Rush in so many ways. Theme, graphics, polish, all of it.

Of course this is perhaps one of the best compliments I could give as I scored Kingdom Rush perfectly and it has gone on to be hugely successful. I could easily see Nano Kingdoms doing the same. So what exactly is Nano Kingdoms? It's a typical defense strategy where you have a base/castle and you build units to send over the field to destroy your enemy's base/castle. However, of course more goes into it. You have to build farms, lumber yards, refineries, etc. to gather enough materials to build stronger and more diverse units and upgrade them. You can also use the materials to build other buildings and upgrade them as well. On top of this a cool feature is powers from the different heroes you can play as. In this aspect Nano Kingdoms really reminds me of the Advance Wars series from Nintendo where you have Commanding Officer powers. Each hero has two different ones and of course one is stronger than the other. It's interesting to find a hero you are good with and can strategize with or find one that will crush your opponent.

Nano Kingdoms Powers

The amazing graphics and amount of polish in terms of the details put into Nano Kingdoms is astonishing and really a huge factor in terms of my score. From the war cries and pictures to the units themseleves to the storyline, I can tell a lot of hard work was put into Nano Kingdoms and it really shows. The only issue I have with Nano Kingdoms is the difficulty. It can be fairly hard and it takes a while to formulate a good strategy. On top of this levels can last a long time (for a flash game that is) which may bore some people. I also wish you could replay levels under harder conditions to maybe upgrade certain aspects of the game. Of course that suggestion adds a whole new dynamic that Trutruka is probably trying not to get into right now. Overall, Nano Kingdoms is a great game, one that I wouldn't be surprised becoming the next big hit.


  1. I quite liked the appearance of most of it, although I didn't quite find it as good as Kingdom Rush... although maybe that's an unfair comparison!

  2. =p Kind of unfair I suppose. Different gameplay styles. Tower Defense vs. wall defense and yeah Kingdom Rush is just insanely good. Art style is what I was mainly comparing between the two.