Thursday, April 26, 2012

Necrorun 2.0 Flash Game Review

Link: Necrorun 2.0
Developed by LetheGames
Genre: Action/Upgrade/Distance
FlashMush Rating: 9.5/10

If there is one lesson you should know it is to never challenge death and try and become immortal. What will happen you ask? Well, Death itself will come upon your village on a horse striking your trees and birds is what! Of course that is only what Necrorun 2.0 has taught me but it seems pretty accurate.

I find the concept of Necrorun 2.0 extremely unique. It takes the simple concept of a runner or distance game; you know the type, just run in a line jumping over pitfalls and enemies. And combines it with levels, upgrades, and a simple addicting action. The action is of course just clicking the mouse to kill anything that is living, if you don't kill it they defy you, Death, and you lose. Of course by killing these things you get combos and bonuses so it's in your best interest. The upgrades are awesome as well, they give you new attacks and powers (such as turning your death horse into a death dragon).

Necrorun 2.0 gameplay

What makes Necrorun 2.0 so addicting is the inherent addictive runner/distance type gameplay but then has upgrades to keep you coming back, a macabre subject matter and the other action (killing things while running) adds another element most runner games do not have. Overall, Necrorun 2.0 is a great game that deserves a lot of attention.


  1. I do love runner games! Do you get to "run" with that dragon?

  2. You sort of just fly.. but still have to dodge trees and things so its not as easy as it sounds.

  3. The pixelated look is definitely interesting, especially since developers in our time are always trying to get their stuff HD now.

    Definitely an interesting game, pretty hard too. You shoot things in your way, and jump over gaps and holes.