Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turbo Kids Flash Game Review

Link: Turbo Kids
Developed by YailenkoGames
Sponsored by Mad.com
Genre: Racing/Upgrades/Distance
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Who wants to win 1,000,000 dollars!? I know I do. Well in Turbo Kids all it takes is for you to beat both literally and in racing 12 other kids in a race to the finish!

Turbo Kids is a racing game although it is way different that most games I have tagged as racing games. It does not feature any cars or other forms of transportation, just kids running and jumping! It actually reminds me of this small multiplayer game I saw on Kongregate a long time ago where you played as black blobs and just ran and jumped, too bad I forget the title. Anyway, this is the premise of Turbo Kids. Of course as you progress to more challenging courses, more dangers appear and you can upgrade yourself. There are boosts placed on the field as well as jump pads. To help you win you can throw snowballs at your opponents to freeze them and hopefully knock them into the abyss. You can also drop traps to slow people down and shoot rockets which switches you with the person you hit.

Turbo Kids racing games

Fast paced is an understatement here and you will find yourself zooming so fast you don't even know how to react. I do wish that more freedom was given to the upgrade system. Right now you can upgrade essentially the amount of snowballs you have (which is good) and the power and speed of the various powerups. However, I think it would have been cool to just have a base acceleration or top speed stat you could upgrade sort of like a regular car racing game. Just in general more depth than what is offered. Overall though Turbo Kids is very fun and well worth the play through.


  1. Seems like a classic "Canabalt" style game, albeit with a nice winter theme :D

  2. Pretty much what it is but with a battling aspect. Would be great as a multiplayer distance game now that I think of it.

  3. Thanks for reviewing my game. I've posted about it on my blog. Take care!