Sunday, May 6, 2012

Animal Office Flash Game Review

Link: Animal Office
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Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

This is a new experience for me. I'm reviewed my first point and click puzzle flash game. These games are huge and there are constantly being made as there is a huge market for them. Now I play them occasionally but I don't normally review them for a variety of reasons, mainly they are lacking in content or the art isn't as well done as I would have hoped. However, due to lack of new flash games coming out recently I have decided to review a point and click puzzle flash game; Animal Office.

Animal Office Walkthrough

So what makes Animal Office worthy of a FlashMush review rather than all the other point and click flash games out there? Well, the puzzles were pretty well done as well as the art style was simply amazing. The "story" if you can call it that is helping the main character (a porcupine) get his license approved by going to the main boss. Of course this is Animal Office so there are many animals of all sorts around that you have to help or otherwise get out of your way. The puzzles themselves had an element of mindless clicking instead of straight thoughts but not as much as other point and click games I've played.

The main thing is the graphics though. You'd have to play but there was a lot of detail and looks hand drawn. Either way the graphics are great and really show a nice level of polish. Overall, Animal Office is a typical point and click puzzle flash game but it's one of the better ones and deserves your play.


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