Monday, May 7, 2012

Boom Town Flash Game Review

Link: Boom Town
Developed by ThePodge
Sponsored by ArmorGames
Genre: Action/Upgrades
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Hear that? It's the gold rush fever! So get your pan and dynamite and start blowing up holes and collecting gold! Boom Town as the name suggests is ThePodge's (claim to fame the City Siege series) new game which focuses on finding gold!

Flash games centered around finding gold are relatively common but most take a basic gameplay path. Boom Town actually is very detailed with multiple factors contributing to everything. Basically you start out with one plot of land, you then have to buy explosives to blow out the gold on the land. So you place the explosives and then hit "boom", gold is exposed which you then have to drive around to collect (as the gold gets scattered all over the place) the gold, however you can only carry so much and your fuel runs out. Here is where the upgrades come into play. Of course to earn more money you want to upgrade your fuel and gold capacity as well as truck handling, refineries and better explosions. On top of this you can buy buildings and such to build yourself a "boom town" which gets you guaranteed money per day.

Boom Town Gold Rush

While Boom Town has all of these features playing together as one flash game and I do appreciate the attempt at complexity, I found Boom Town to have some very annoying features. First off the game plays fairly slow. When placing the explosions you have to wait for each one to blow up separately...takes forever. A skip or speed up button would be greatly appreciated. Also the gold collecting process could be much improved on. You have one drop zone yet can buy huge pieces of land which are far, far away from that drop zone which you cannot move. On top of this sometimes the gold gets blown far away and you have to spend a good chunk of your fuel to reach it. The building the town aspect of Boom Town is interesting and I like it but it has a very small purpose. I would like to see quests revolved around the town (different than achievements) and maybe some sort of minor story line to get emotionally invested in the game. Overall though Boom Town is a fairly unique idea and has a lot of features to keep you busy and playing for a long time.


  1. Some of the elements sound quite similar to "Motherload". Seems worth a play!

  2. this looks like a fun game thanks!