Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boss Slayer Flash Game Review

Boss Slayer

Link: Boss Slayer
Developed by Awoker Games
Sponsored by Arcadebomb.com
Genre: Shooter/Upgrades
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Some games have a special mode called boss rush or something of the sort. Basically you fight in order all the bosses you normally would have fought in the campaign mode. Boss Slayer takes this idea and focuses a flash game just on it!

Now Boss Slayer isn't the first to do this but that doesn't mean it is any less fun to play than the originals. In fact Boss Slayer is just as insanely addictive as any other game I have played. It gains its addictive quality from the inherent fast paced boss battle gameplay style as well as the upgrade system. To keep you on your twos a pseudo time limit is enforced saying you must beat the game within 12 days, each turn is a day. The upgrades themselves are pretty basic but all you really want.

Boss Slayer Final Boss

I guess the main question in a game of this sort is the difficulty. Overall I found the game to be quite easy. Could beat the whole game in less than 5 minutes it feels. However, while it is a ridiculously short game the difficulty curve is fairly well done...just still easy. I attribute this though to the ease of money gathering and therefore upgrades. Overall though Boss Slayer is a short game..but immensely fun.


  1. Surely many boss fights should be a lot more difficult than most games? D: