Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disaster Will Strike Flash Game Review

Disaster Will Strike Disasters

Link: Disaster Will Strike
Developer: Anton Koshechkin
Sponsor: NotDoppler
Genre: Physics/Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

I'm sure you saw the genre tags and are thinking, "Oh great...another physics puzzler... *groan*" And trust me, I know the feeling. It seems these types of games are made in bulk discounts and are everywhere in the flash game industry. However, what do you think of an actual unique game to enter the physics puzzle flash game scene? Well, Disaster Will Strike does just that.

How does such a game accomplish actually being unique (to a certain extent) in this day and age? Well, the trick is in Disaster Will Strike's name. Disaster! You see the whole "gimmick" here if you will is instead of shooting various things to knock blocks over a la Angry Birds or a block remover game sort of like Replaceable Blocks, in Disaster Will Strike you manipulate the blocks by harnessing natural disasters. These include tornado, landslides, earthquakes, plague and fire. I'm sure you can imagine how each of these disasters will affect the environment and it is quite clever in my opinion.

Disaster Will Strike Solutions

Now while these game dynamics are quite clever and fairly unique, the game as a whole isn't as smooth as I would like. By this I mean I can do the same thing to a level and win once but lose another time. Now I know this is just random chance that all games of this type encounter but it is still worth mentioning in my review. Other than that, however, the game is fairly good. The sounds can get annoying after a while but can mute or learn to ignore. So if you love physics puzzle flash games but want something new, Disaster Will Strike is your game!


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