Friday, May 11, 2012

Epic Combo Redux Flash Game Review

Link: Epic Combo Redux
Developed by John Cooney
Art by Jimp
Sponsored by Armor Games
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Epic Combo is back with Epic Combo Redux and comes with more zany turtle smashing action! The turtle smashing business is big, how fast can you make a million dollars!? I did it in 10 minutes, think you can beat me?

Anyway, if you didn't play the original Epic Combo, Epic Combo Redux is pretty much the same game but with a new coat of polish and a few extra items. But basically you get money from smashing turtles and making combos. A combo is made as long as a turtle is still in the air hitting things. These things range from bumpers a la Super Smash Brothers to saw blades to machine gun turrets to laser beams. Combos earn you money which you can spend on buying more of these diabolical turtle hating machines, thereby earning you more money. There really is no end goal it's all just smashing turtles and earning money. It's a fun time waster but after around 10 minutes you will be asking yourself, "Why am I playing this game again?".

Epic Combo Redux Million

Of course this seems to be John's forte, making insanely zany and addicting flash games that get you sucked in but leaving you wondering why. Epic Combo Redux is the same way and just carries over this idea from the original Epic Combo. It's a shame that all that really is different in Redux is a large amount of fresh polish and a few new machines to keep the turtle smashing going. There is a few achievements in place but I think combining  the ideas in the Achievement Unlocked Series with the addicting action packed turtle smashing gameplay in Epic Combo Redux would make for an amazing game. Overall though if you loved the original Epic Combo you will of course love Epic Combo Redux.


  1. Ahh I loved the original, I'll get on this right away!

  2. I'm thoroughly confused by this game. My combo has been running for the last 15 minutes with no end in sight. Either i have unwittingly mastered this game with no real prowess or there's something wrong with the game and it could possible go on forever. Am I supposed to hit the "End combo early" button?

  3. You can either do that or just exit right into the store to end the combo. After a while your combos do seemingly go on forever and pretty much at that point you've "won" the game.

  4. fyi in origional mode, once you get an 1,000,000 you beat the game and it gets you to the highscores list

  5. what does the stomper do?

  6. It occasionally slams down causing the turtles to go back up into the air.

  7. Oh, and about the 1,000,00 score.. That didn't happen to me. I was well past 1 mil and no highscores list. But I could have been in a different mode perhaps.

  8. What do party lights do?

  9. As far as I can tell they are just for decoration.