Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keeper of the Grove Flash Game Review

Keeper of the Grove

Link: Keeper of the Grove
Developer: Booblyc
Sponsor: Armor Games
Genre: Defense/Strategy
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

It's been a while since I've played a tower defense flash game in general so I was glad that Keeper of the Grove, the latest sponsored game by Armor Games, came out last week as it gave the part of my brain which loves tower defense games its fix.

With that being said, Keeper of the Grove is a great tower defense game although a bit...typical. Of course typical isn't always bad if the overall execution graphically and feature wise is good which luckily Keeper of the Grove has. I akin the base gameplay of Keeper of the Grove to Kingdom Rush in many ways with having the graphical theme of Bloom Defender. The comparison to Kingdom Rush is in the tower upgrade system. You have three basic types of towers but as you upgrade them they can branch out into three different towers. Exactly how all the towers in Kingdom Rush behave. On top of this a big theme in Keeper of the Grove is having to buy these second tier upgrades from a standalone tower placed somewhere in the environment. This isn't exactly like Kingdom Rush but Kingdom Rush does have a few things like this. This decision, however, is one that I'm on the fence about. I would prefer to just automatically buy the second tier upgrades instead of having to unlock them AND buy them. Double money...

Keeper of the Grove upgrades

That little issue is actually a major contributor in my overall complaint about Keeper of the Grove. It's fairly unbalanced in my opinion which leads to a high difficulty curve. Meaning you really have to think some strategy out to win. Of course this could be considered a good thing but I just feel that if I am having a hard time on the fourth level and I play games like these all the time and beat most games that I review/play in general, that the difficulty is fairly hard. Overall though Keeper of the Grove is a great tower defense game and one that really deserves some attention!


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