Monday, May 14, 2012

Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked Flash Game Review

Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

Link: Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked
Developed by Sam & Dan Games
Genre: Defense/Strategy
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9.5/10

I know I may be late reviewing this awesome flash game but better late than never am I right? Either way, Pokemon Tower Defense takes all the fun and elements of your beloved childhood game, Pokemon, and combines it with the addicting flash game genre of tower defense and makes one epic game.

I'm sure you all have played tower defense games before and most are pretty cut and dry. Enemies come from one end, you place towers or characters or what have you and they shoot the enemies till they die. Rinse, wash, repeat. A few games have redefined the genre and mixed things up a bit such as Kingdom Rush. Well I'm here to say that that is exactly what Pokemon Tower Defense has done.

Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked Route 8

Now the huge idea and draw in for Pokemon Tower Defense is the Pokemon part as to be expected. And this goes beyond just using various Pokemon as units. There is a full story line which borrows elements heavily from the Pokemon series as well as all level designs are based off of real Pokemon areas. Furthermore the fan made humor really makes this game a flash game for the fans. The other huge element which makes this such a genre defining flash game is they brought in the element of actual Pokemon capturing. Just like in the real Pokemon games you can catch and train your Pokemon various moves. It's quite simple gameplay as well, you just click and drag the big pokeball onto a weakened Pokemon to capture. You can then use the captured Pokemon to fight for you.

Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked Perks

I'm sure by now you've noticed my main title says "Hacked". That is because I actually played the hacked version as it really gives you a quick run down of what the game is about and if you don't mind feeling "cheated", it really is a fun way to play. In fact there is a whole market for hacked arcade games in which items cost nothing, spell cool down is minimal, etc. May be cheap but if you've already beaten a game or are stuck somewhere on a game these hacked flash games are pretty fun to play. The hacked version of Pokemon Tower Defense specifically makes enemies way easier to catch, items cost nothing, super fast leveling up among many other perks.

Overall, Pokemon Tower Defense is a great game which has tons of levels and features which adds a whole new game changing element to a saturated market while keeping fan boys in love. The hacked version will allow you to experience the full game quicker so if you're in the mood for that go right ahead!


  1. I'm sure this game is breaking some kind of copyright

  2. Probably but it's been around a while and is insanely popular.