Monday, July 9, 2012

Dino Run Flash Game Review

Link: Dino Run
Developer: PixelJAM
Genre: Platformer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

Dino Run is an independent flash game by PixelJAM that, as the name suggests, involves steering a dinosaur through an apocalyptic environment to escape extinction. Replicating 1980’s arcade games, Dino Run uses simple pixel art to give it a truly classic feel.
Dino run was so addictive and should definitely come with a warning that completing the different levels will seem so important it takes a lot of time to play! The best features of the game, other than the 1980’s feel, are the variability in difficulty modes and the option for competition with multiplayer settings.
The game isn’t that advanced although there is a new Dino Run SE game that you can pay to download. The concept is also similar to other games but is still definitely worth a go and won’t leave you disappointed. The game can be broken down as follows.

The Challenge Game
Dino Run initially appears to be a basic single-player challenge game; the main task being to reach the end of numerous levels. The dinosaur is controlled with arrow keys to collect eggs and devour bones to advance the dinosaur’s evolution – gaining points in the process. With four levels of difficulty from easy to insane, Dino Run has a level for both beginners to flash games and those who have experience with other platformer flash games.

The basis of the challenge game within Dino Run is similar to that of the original Flood Runner. However, I believe Dino Run to be more advanced in that you control the dinosaur’s movement as well as timing the jumps. Flood runner just uses two keys to jump as opposed to using the arrow keys for direction.

The easy mode of Dino Run is relatively straight forward to complete and gives a good introduction to the game. There are six levels to complete which get progressively more complex, allowing for a gentle learning curve to develop.

The medium mode has an extra level to that of the easy mode and increases the length and difficulty of levels before it. I feel that the medium mode is a suitable increase in difficulty from the easy mode. The apocalypse level (final level) has a secret entrance to a bonus level which is a great touch and adds a new excitement when it’s found.

The hard mode was by far my favourite. With secret survival options, through hidden entrances, the game is less linear. What may initially appear as a near impossible level becomes a suitable challenge for seasoned flash game players.

For those who take their flash games more seriously is the insane mode. The insane mode definitely lives up to its name! Those that wish to complete it, or even progress further than level one, need to ensure they have a variety of snack on hand and a comfortable seat in which to pass the time. 

Personally, I could not complete this section despite spending hours (although, due to its addictive nature, it felt like much less) on my sectional couch trying to beat extinction. Conveniently (but irritating for myself), I had a more advanced friend who plays more flash games who ensures me that the level is possible. He did however, agree that comfort is key, due to the length of time he spent desperately trying to win. Following the insane mode we explored the rest of the game and discovered the multiplayer option.

Multiplayer Dino Run
This was a great addition to the original Dino Run challenge. Competing against a friend adds a competitive edge to the game and allows for endless levels as you both fight to beat each other. You do have to sign in and create an account to play which is somewhat timely and could be seen as an annoyance, but the option to save progress and scores makes logging in time well worth taking.

My favourite aspect of the game was the speedrun mode. These were single level games containing landmarks recognizable from the challenge mode. You can still collect eggs and devour bones and the modes of difficulty are the same as those within the challenge games, but competing against yourself to get the best time adds a new dimension and makes the game more addictive to replay again and again. On completing all speedruns on either medium, hard or insane level, you unlock a crown of bronze, silver or gold for the dinosaur to wear – an added touch that makes winning seem all the more worthwhile.


  1. I like this game - simple but addictive.
    Thanks for your review!