Friday, August 3, 2012

Awesome Tanks 2 Flash Game Review

Awesome Tanks 2 flash game review

Link: Awesome Tanks 2
Developer: Alexander Gette
Sponsored by BigDino
Genre: Shooter/Upgrades
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Love tanks, how about awesome tanks? Well, Alexander Gette is back (of Awesome Planes fame) with the sequel to Awesome Tanks called Awesome Tanks 2.

Now if you played the original Awesome Tanks you know kind of what to expect in Awesome Tanks 2. Basically color levels and tanks, decent upgrade selection of various weapons (mini gun, cannons, lasers, rockets, etc.) and lots of enemies. And of course awesome action! Now I do want to praise the gameplay of Awesome Tanks 2 as it is pretty fluid and everything works well together. The upgrade system, while smaller and less detailed as I like, is also well done and the weapon variety is quite nice.

Awesome Tanks 2 boss battles

However, where I have issues is there is really no real change between Awesome Tanks and Awesome Tanks 2, it is the same look, same gameplay, almost same levels, and same upgrades.On top of the repitiveness, it is a short game. 15 levels yet it'll take you less than 30 minutes to finish. I guess the only real difference is there is user created content/levels on Kongregate so there is an increase in replay value/time played there. But overall, Awesome Tanks 2 is just Awesome Tanks with a 2 behind the name.


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