Sunday, September 30, 2012


BIT.TRIP BEAT windows review

Developer: Gaijin Games
Genre: Action/Music
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

Occasionally I like to deviate a tad from just flash games and mobile games and talk about games that essentially could be flash games but are published on other platforms and well...aren't free. Although in the case of BIT.TRIP BEAT it was released on iOS and Android so technically this could be a MobileMush App Review but since I was playing the PC version I won't count it.

Anyways, I know I'm slightly behind the curve when it comes to PC gaming in general and I seem to always play the hit games months after they peak. Exactly is the situation now with BIT.TRIP BEAT but I don't care as I loved the game anyways. But in the off chance you do not know with BIT.TRIP BEAT is about, I can sum it up in two words: Musical Pong. Yep, you read that right. Imagine playing pong, yes one of the most boring game mechanics ever, and now ramp up the difficulty to level 34, add in crazy (and I mean crazy!) LCD induced visuals and then finally make it so every time you hit a pong ball 8-bit chiptune music comes out and that is what BIT.TRIP BEAT is all about. It's similar concepts to games like Audacity and Vector Stunt without the input of your own music (that would be an awesome touch though).


You may be thinking to yourself it sounds interesting and wacky enough but is that all it has going for it. I mean, Pong is a fairly boring game mechanic. Well, BIT.TRIP BEAT does a great job at keeping it interesting. The different "pong balls" as I like to refer to them as are not your standard pong balls but rather act in all sorts of crazy ways to keep you on your toes. Also in general the music and visuals are enough of a wow factor. BIT.TRIP BEAT does feature weirdly awesome Pong boss battles which add a whole new level of depth you wouldn't think a Pong-centric game could achieve.

BIT.TRIP BEAT does feature a few short comings though. The game is fairly hard, I will give it that, but it is made even harder if by chance you have a nonsensitive mouse as you are forced to move it all the way up and then suddenly all the way down very quickly and if your mouse just can't register such fast movement...well you're out of luck. I also found the visuals, while cool and certainly wacky enough, eye draining after a while. So definitely heed the warnings of taking breaks. Although it may not be so necessary as I found one of the biggest short comings to be the length of the game. It features three different worlds with various sub-levels in each and ending in a boss battle but really if you wanted to you could knock them all out fairly quickly. Overall though I found BIT.TRIP BEAT oddly satisfying and an excellent new age look at an old age concept.


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