Monday, October 8, 2012

Bad Piggies App Review

Bad piggies rovio angry birds

Android: Bad Piggies
iTunes: Bad Piggies
PC: Bad Piggies
Developer: Rovio
Genre: Physics/Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

Rovio is back yet again trying to semi-diversify from Angry Birds this time with a game from the Pigs' point of view. Bad Piggies is the name and it is all about the pigs building contraptions to steal some eggs!

The idea is actually quite interesting and features a unique control scheme. Basically for each level you are given various parts to build some contraption, could be a flying contraption with balloons or some type of rolling car vehicle. You are shown a grid and you click and place the parts into those grids to make what you want to make. There are some slight physics based principles you do have to take into consideration but you get the hang of them as you go. Items you have at your disposal range from balloons for flight, coke bottles for thrust, fans for continuous thrust, plus general wheels and boxes for form. The goal of course is to create a vehicle or something which can reach the end of the level. There are secondary and tertiary goals to get full stars which vary depending on the level.

bad piggies angry birds walkthrough

Level wise Bad Piggies keeps up with Angry Birds fashion and features really cool looking and playable levels. Bad Piggies also features so far two level packs and a sandbox mode which is an excellent addition. The only real issue I have with Bad Piggies is their "tutorial" system is a joke. They just throw you into gameplay with a fairly heavy physics based game with no explanations on anything. The only explanations they give is in the form of Ikea like ciphers which can be quite confusing.


  1. very good game ,thans for text

  2. I started playing this on my Nexus a couple days back. Pretty well made, as to be expected, but you're right. Where was the tutorial?!

  3. I really love the Angry Birds games and was looking forward to this but have found it frustrating and thus not enjoyable because it is not as intuitive as the Angry Birds games. I agree, the "book" makes absolutely no sense to me!