Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frog Fractions Flash Game Review


Link: Frog Fractions
Developer: TwinBeard Studios
Genre: Action/Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Frog Fractions... Just reading that and you may get the idea that this is a kids educational game they would play in Elementary school to help learn fractions and other math concepts. Nope! I will say that right now. This Frog Fractions is perhaps one of the most zany and crazy flash games on the market.

It seems every once in a while you get someone who makes a game just to be...different? Not quite sure the word I'm looking for. You could kind of say the QWOP and CLOP games are like that but on a smaller scale. Frog Fractions is definitely made to be different and just weird. I don't want to give too much of the "story" away but basically you Frog Fractions has you doing loads of different flash game genres. You start out doing a sort of defense type flash game, then alternate to a typing flash game and along the way you will have to complete retro text adventures and general maze exploration  Along the way you also will just truly see how wacky Frog Fractions is. Funny, yes, but still crazed to the max.

Frog Fractions text adventure solution

Now it seems, after reading a lot of comments on Reddit and the article on RPS that people are in love with Frog Fractions... I guess I just don't quite see the appeal. I can appreciate the randomness a little bit but it just seems almost like an excuse to just throw together random elements and bad graphics. From parts of Frog Fractions I can see that TwinBeard Studio has the potential to make some pretty awesome games but he went this route to make almost what I would call a fad game or a meme game. Either way it seems tons of people love Frog Fractions and I'm just one odd ball in the sea of flash game critics so check it out for yourself!


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