Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kingdom Rush 2 Flash Game Sneak Peak

kingdom rush 2 logo

I really just could not resist when I first saw the newest blog entry over at Ironhide Game Studios. They posted the first look at the announced Kingdom Rush 2 with a screenshot (posted below) that really showcases a lot!

Here is the screenshot and I'll discuss what caught my attention below:

new kingdom rush 2 enemies towers units

So one of the first things you should notice is that the general look as not changed too much from the original Kingdom Rush which is a good thing. What's not broke should not be fixed. But other than that you can see a lot of new features and units. I see some Venus fly trap plants which are probably situational enemies/allies seeing as how the location in the screenshot does seem fairly tropical. You also have gorilla enemies it seems as they are walking the same line as the enemies. There also seems to be a few new tower types. One looks like a tiki, another has a pirate flag on it and some others look new but cannot quite tell what is going on.

Overall, just based on this screenshot I am super excited for Kingdom Rush 2 to come out and it already looks like it'll live up to its predecessor.


  1. um if you can put a precise time please do because most of your fans are waiting eagerly including me

  2. I really hope this is released soon.
    We seem to have been waiting for ages.
    Oh well, it will be worth the wait :)

  3. this is going to be like the last duke nukem, wait so long that when and if it ever comes out will be terrible. it shouldn't take this long to make such a simple game.

  4. the sequel was announced in 2011...its 2013 now..this is rediculous

  5. why do they take so much time to release such good games?
    some games are piece of art and kingdom rush is one of them.
    Does it make more sense to them to make ppl wait and lose interest or find alternatives?
    I wonder what kind of ppl are governing their marketing strategy? lol.

  6. This company has got serious problems. Who would ever spend so much time on a follow up with such a great fan base. I feel sory for them.

  7. Check out this post, shows the official name and quarterly release date.