Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Motorcross Nitro Flash Game Review

review of motocross nitro miniclip

Link: Motocross Nitro
Developed by Block 23
Sponsored by Miniclip
Genre: Racing/Sports
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

I don't normally play motocross or other bike racing or trick flash games but I do know that normally Miniclip sponsors some pretty good ones so that is why I decided to give Motocross Nitro a chance. Luckily, I quite liked the game for a bit and found it be of pretty high quality.

The idea behind Motocross Nitro is that of most motocross or motorcycle based flash games. You drive off ramps and such and can perform tricks in the air to not only get points but to fill your nitro meter for extra boosts. There are missions in Motocross Nitro in edition to the other level oriented goals which are mostly performing tricks and such. As you complete levels and do tricks you do earn money which you can use to buy new tricks to learn or better motocross bikes and such.


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