Sunday, September 30, 2012


BIT.TRIP BEAT windows review

Developer: Gaijin Games
Genre: Action/Music
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

Occasionally I like to deviate a tad from just flash games and mobile games and talk about games that essentially could be flash games but are published on other platforms and well...aren't free. Although in the case of BIT.TRIP BEAT it was released on iOS and Android so technically this could be a MobileMush App Review but since I was playing the PC version I won't count it.

Anyways, I know I'm slightly behind the curve when it comes to PC gaming in general and I seem to always play the hit games months after they peak. Exactly is the situation now with BIT.TRIP BEAT but I don't care as I loved the game anyways. But in the off chance you do not know with BIT.TRIP BEAT is about, I can sum it up in two words: Musical Pong. Yep, you read that right. Imagine playing pong, yes one of the most boring game mechanics ever, and now ramp up the difficulty to level 34, add in crazy (and I mean crazy!) LCD induced visuals and then finally make it so every time you hit a pong ball 8-bit chiptune music comes out and that is what BIT.TRIP BEAT is all about. It's similar concepts to games like Audacity and Vector Stunt without the input of your own music (that would be an awesome touch though).


You may be thinking to yourself it sounds interesting and wacky enough but is that all it has going for it. I mean, Pong is a fairly boring game mechanic. Well, BIT.TRIP BEAT does a great job at keeping it interesting. The different "pong balls" as I like to refer to them as are not your standard pong balls but rather act in all sorts of crazy ways to keep you on your toes. Also in general the music and visuals are enough of a wow factor. BIT.TRIP BEAT does feature weirdly awesome Pong boss battles which add a whole new level of depth you wouldn't think a Pong-centric game could achieve.

BIT.TRIP BEAT does feature a few short comings though. The game is fairly hard, I will give it that, but it is made even harder if by chance you have a nonsensitive mouse as you are forced to move it all the way up and then suddenly all the way down very quickly and if your mouse just can't register such fast movement...well you're out of luck. I also found the visuals, while cool and certainly wacky enough, eye draining after a while. So definitely heed the warnings of taking breaks. Although it may not be so necessary as I found one of the biggest short comings to be the length of the game. It features three different worlds with various sub-levels in each and ending in a boss battle but really if you wanted to you could knock them all out fairly quickly. Overall though I found BIT.TRIP BEAT oddly satisfying and an excellent new age look at an old age concept.

Bad Ice Cream Flash Game Review

bad ice cream flash game review

Link: Bad Ice Cream
Play the sequel Bad Ice Cream 2
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Action/Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

If I had to pick one constantly consistent flash game developer which continues to pump out quality games it would have to be Nitrome. Their repertoire is staggering and one could easily make a flash game review blog just on Nitrome games. Anyways, I'm here today to review yet another Nitrome game; Bad Ice Cream.

Like most Nitrome games, Bad Ice Cream has an interesting and mainly unique premise. In the case of Bad Ice Cream it is kind of a combination of reverse Bomberman and Pac-man. Essentially you are tasked with collecting fruit in a snowy wonderland with ice blocks everywhere. There are enemies you have to avoid as well. You one one power; you can make and destroy ice blocks in linear lines. So you have to use this special ability of yours to block enemies as well as create conduits for you to gain access to the fruit. Of course in typical Nitrome fashion there are around 30 or so levels and they get harder and harder but you really get your gameplay time out of Bad Ice Cream.

bad ice cream level help solutions

Another great thing about Bad Ice Cream is that it is one of Nitrome's 2 player games which they seem to be doing more of. This cooperative style of flash gaming is really retro in nature and while not sure if many people take advantage of it it is still an interesting addition and if you have a little brother here is the perfect opportunity for some family bonding. Other features about Bad Ice Cream I like is of course the typical pixel art style that characterizes Nitrome's flash games, although I felt the use of snow white in a smaller than normal display screen for Bad Ice Cream was kind of grinding on the eyes. Overall though, Bad Ice Cream is another hit by Nitrome and can't wait to see what else they keep producing.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bubblez Flash Game Review

bubblez flash game review

Link: Bubblez
Developer: WildTangent
Sponsored by
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

If you read my blog post yesterday I did a retro review on the original Bubble Shooter and in that flash game review I talked a lot about the history and influence of Bubble Shooter in current times. Well during the writing process of that retro review I came across tons of other bubble shooter styled games and today's review is about one that struck my fancy; Bubblez.

Now at first look Bubblez seems pretty sparse...and well compared to some of the newer Bubble Shooter style games out there I suppose it is, but Bubblez is still fairly old fashioned but has a certain charm about it (as much charm as you can have in a game about bubbles). Basically if you were to compare the original Bubble Shooter which I reviewed yesterday and Bubblez you will see that Bubblez features a nicer subdued color for their bubbles which makes the age look more modern and not as 90s styled. I also like the way the bubbles collect. Not sure how to explain it but when the bubbles drop down the movement is calculated but has an air of chaos to it which is intriguing.

bubblez bubble shooter

Other than those two instances though, Bubblez is just like any other bubble shooter...and once you get past those two instances Bubblez is fairly bland. Even the original featured two modes (puzzle and arcade) and that is seemingly becoming standard in bubble shooters internet wide. Nonetheless though Bubblez is a game which is in the history of bubble shooters everywhere and I think it has a nice feel and look to it.

Happy Wheels Flash Game Review

Happy Wheels flash game review

Link: Happy Wheels
Developer: Jim Bonacci
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

After seeing countless Youtube videos and Let's Plays on Happy Wheels I decided to give it a shot again and do a formal FlashMush Review on it as it seems to be ever so popular.

So what makes Happy Wheels so popular? It's hard to really pinpoint one exact thing but I'm sure it's a combination of things anyways. Basically it features tons of levels with hilarious and fairly open ended results and a crazy physics engine which provides a few laughs. First thing you will really notice about Happy Wheels and something that is a major theme throughout is the sense of humor of it all. Happy Wheels is essentially a physics based driving game but instead of race cars and dune buggies you get an old man in a wheelchair and guys on segways. This humor, as dark as it can be sometimes, also emerges in the level designs themselves.

The levels is another huge part of Happy Wheels that contributes a lot to its success. Levels in Happy Wheels are all themed and have some sort of goal in mind. The themes have wide ranges from zombie attacks to time traveling to the Precambrian to Renaissance Fairs. Likewise the goals are just as varied (and crazy). The craziness and randomness of Happy Wheels is probably the biggest contributor to why people love it so much.

Happy WHeels level editor menu system

However, in a technical sense I have a few issues with Happy Wheels. Basically it is the glitchiest yet still popular flash game I have ever played along with the most unintuitive menu system. Part of the gameplay in Happy Wheels is the fact that the environment hurts you, like in the Hanger series, however sometimes the controls just glitch up and you end up randomly losing limbs or falling through/into items. Combine this with no "R" to restart or "P" to pause/retry and it just becomes a frustrating and rage quit inducing game. Overall though I can see the appeal in Happy Wheels, people love funny games and the physics engine (while glitchy) allows for some funny and random moments!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bubble Shooter Retro Review

original bubble shooter

Link: Bubble Shooter
Developer: Absolutist
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

Time for my second installment of Retro Reviews, this time reviewing a flash game which has spawned countless number of clones; Bubble Shooter. Yes, the original Bubble Shooter. Who would have thought such a simple and basic game would have spawned so many different bubble shooter style puzzle games.

So what made Bubble Shooter such a pioneer and a hot commodity? Was it simply just all the bubbles floating around just waiting to be popped? No, I think it is mainly due to the biggest factor of flash games and what every developer aims to achieve. Crack like addiction. It is really the same concept which made the Angry Birds series so popular and spawned countless catapult physics puzzle flash games. Bubble Shooter was simple, easy to pick up and play but most importantly...was addictive like no other.

original bubble shooter arcade mode

And that was really it. The original Bubble Shooter came out in 2001 so there was not much competition in terms of the casual game market, so Bubble Shooter easily swooped in and captured everyone's heart...well brain as it made them addicted. Bubble Shooter was also perfect for mobile platforms and quickly spread all over. Now I'm sure you're noticing my rating, 8/10. Now that is strictly based on addictive quality and trying to place my mindset back in 2001. This is the original Bubble Shooter so at the time was very unique, featured two game modes, simple to play, and looked decent at the time.

Shape Fold Flash Game Review

Shape fold flash game review

Link: Shape Fold
Developer: Bikas
Sponsored by FreeWorldGroup
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

Getting tired of your typical shape puzzle games like the Im/Perfect Balance Series, Red Remover Series, Werebox Series, etc. Any puzzle flash game which involves shapes has really been overdone to be honest. Well, I am here to bring to you a new flash game involving shape that is unique (mostly) and has yet to be beaten to death. This flash game is Shape Fold!

As the name implies, Shape Fold is all about folding things, in this case puzzle pieces/shapes, into a bigger picture shape. It sounds confusing but once you play the first level or look at the screenshot below you'll get the idea. It is quite an interesting gameplay premise, folding shapes. Many games feature the idea of taking pieces of a shape and making the bigger shape but with this restriction of hinges which forces actual folding and manipulating around a pivot point, the idea takes on new light.

Shape fold solutions levels

Shape Fold features a decent selection of levels although for the most part the levels are extremely easy. I'm not quite sure why I found the levels so easy, however. It could be a factor of the hinges themselves which would make the overall premise an easy one. While this may be the case it is still a fun idea and hope to see more. While the puzzles themselves are easy to solve the biggest issue is actually controlling the folding process. It seems they have a mind of their own and it is hard to be precise when you want to be. Again, though, I think Shape Fold is a great new innovative game and hope to see more out of it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jacksmith Flash Game Review

Jacksmith flash game review

Link: Jacksmith
Developer: Flipline Studios
Sponsored by Papa Louie Arcade
Genre: Action/RPG/Management
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 10/10

Uh oh, I bet you're looking at the developer and thinking, "Oh great, another Papa-mia game". Close but no cigar for you folk, although the time management/building skills that you all know you love in the Papa-mia series very heavily influences Flipline Studio's latest game, Jacksmith. In fact you may want to give it the moniker, Sworderia.

I kid, I kid. But really, instead of making pancakes in Papa's Pancakeria you are essentially going Medieval and forging weapons. Swords, bows, axes, shields, the whole nine years really. And each weapon takes a different step to make. Yes, you read that right you actually get to pretend you're a medieval blacksmith forging weapons. How does one go about forging their own weapons you may be wondering. Well, it does all depend on the type of weapon but take swords for instance. You first have to pick what material you want it made of (copper, bronze, iron, etc.) and melt it. You then have to pour the melt slowly and at the right temperature to prevent brittle weaponry, from there you have to hammer the sword to make the edges sharp and finally build the hilt. And that is just how you make swords. Other weapons require different steps like stretching the bows, assembling the head of the axes, and painting the shields.

Jacksmith how to do a perfect forge

But why make all these weapons? Well, to your surprise there is actually a storyline in Jacksmith in which you need to make weapons for soldiers to fight enemies to rescue the King's daughter. This brings me to Jacksmith's second gameplay mechanic. Once you outfit your army with weapons for each level they go and fight enemies. Depending on how well you made their weapons as well as what materials they are made of and if you used specialty parts, each soldier's weapon gets a stat complete with elemental bonuses. They then fight the enemies in a linear path and if your weapons hold up you win. Along the way you collect loot which includes ores for smelting, gems to buy new items and legendary weapon blueprints. These essentially are epic weapons which if you combine all the items the recipe says you get a big stats bonus next battle.

Jacksmith epic weapons boss loot

I'll explain the loot idea a little bit further. As I mentioned earlier you can choose what material to make the weapons out of. But on top of that each weapon has parts to it that you can buy or loot special parts for. The sword, for instance, has three separate parts for the hilt wherein each can have an attribute. Same for the bow, axes, etc. Combining these parts is what can make epic weapons which you learn from the blueprints.

Flipline Studios really outdid themselves with Jacksmith. The amount of detail that went into not only the forging process for a lot of different weapon types but all the different parts and the whole battle dynamic. Easily a 10/10 for me on this one.

SAS Zombie Assault TD Flash Game Review

SAS Zombie Assault TD flash game review

Link: SAS Zombie Assault TD
Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Genre: Defense/Strategy
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

It is about time I reviewed SAS Zombie Assault TD the tower defense counterpart to the SAS Zombie Assault series. I really like it when popular series deviate into other genres, kind of like Bubble Tanks and then Bubble Tank Defense does. Anyways, SAS Zombie Assault TD has been out for a while and I played it back then but with the recent release on Kongregate I was reminded again and decided to review it this time.

As you can gather from the "TD" part of the title, SAS Zombie Assault TD is a tower defense game but with the same production value that the SAS Zombie Assault games have. Which is impressive to say the least. You can also gather the theme. Zombies. The maps take you to dirty streets where you have to set up highly advanced automatic turrets and place other soldiers and snipers along with general barricades like barbed wire and sand bags to keep the zombies and other ghastly creatures out.

SAS ZOmbie Assault TD walkthrough

SAS Zombie Assault TD is actually quite over whelming but in all the aspects that I like, which is upgrades. I love my tower upgrades in tower defense games, if a game has a good upgrade system I am pretty much guarantied to love it. And boy does SAS Zombie Assault TD have some upgrades. They aren't branching upgrades but you have two qualities for each tower/unit to upgrade which is nice and you can tell a lot of thought was put into them descriptions wise. The enemy units feature all the standard enemy types such as speedy units, splitter units, etc. which is typical. Only a few factors put me off of SAS Zombie Assault TD which is pretty much the limited amount of maps unless you succumb to micro transactions and the lack of a speed up button which is just a surprise such a vital tower defense feature was missed. Anyways, SAS Zombie Assault TD branches into the tower defense genre and knocks it out of the park just like they did with the general shooter defense genre!

Xonix 3D Level Pack Spotlight

Xonix 3D level pack airxonix

Link: Xonix 3D Level Pack
Developer: Ryzed
Sponsored by MyPlayYard
Genre: Action/Puzzle

Want some retro flash gaming fun? Well, today is your lucky day as a level pack for Xonix 3D which was inspired by AirXonix from way back when is out aptly called Xonix 3D Level Pack.

I just wanted to spotlight this level pack as I was a big fan of the original AirXonix back when I was in Middle School and loved the new-age flash remake Xonix 3D. So imagine my delight when I see that  a level pack is out! Not much changed, obviously, for this Xonix 3D Level Pack but a lot of new levels were added (again, duh). Interestingly though the level designs are quite intriguing and intricate allowing for some real puzzling challenges to take place. The one weird issue I have is I feel you move slower in this level pack but it could just be a disillusion from not playing the original Xonix 3D in almost a year.

Xonix 3D level pack screenshot 1

Anyways, if you love this classic AirXonix style gameplay or loved the original Xonix 3D when it came out last year, this level pack is a great addition to get you re-addicted!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arranje That Flash Game Review

Arranje that flash game review

Link: Arranje That
Developer: Fernando Modotti
Sponsored by ZayPlay
Genre: Physics/Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 6.5/10

Everyone loves a good shape remover flash game, right? Certainly seems so with the amount of remover games that gets made. Here to add to the already existing plethora is Arranje That. Yes, Arranje, not arrange. Maybe it's some SEO secret to dominate misspelt words.

Does anything distinguish Arranje That from other shape remover flash physics puzzle games? Well, to be honest it is a tad different. In most games of this sort you remove shapes in order to keep other shapes on platforms and not fall off. In Arranje That you are given dotted outlines of where you need to get shapes to be. You get the shapes in those dotted outlines by removing select ones. This does take more thought and is a harder concept than simple shape remover games.

arranje that level solutions

However it is still essentially just a remover game and really nothing all too special about it either. Levels are easy and there is a decent amount of them but nothing to keep you coming back. It also lacks basic puzzle features like pressing "R" for restart which is just frustrating due to a slow level fail system. Overall, Arranje That attempts to be something new but really just falls in the same mediocrity as the competition.

Popo's Dress Up Flash Game Review

Popos dress up flash game review

Link: Popo's Dress Up
Developer: Squeaky Toybox
Sponsored by Shazza
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

I know, I know. FlashMush Reviews reviewing a dress up game!? Well, short answer is yes I am but before you go and judge, I will say if you have a little girl or cousin you want to entertain, dress up games are excellent for that and the dress up games Squeaky Toybox creates are easily the best I have come across.

What makes Popo's Dress Up and other dress up games designed by Squeaky Toybox so great is the art style. All of the games feature graphics which are cute, cartoony and quirky. Check out all the characters on Anyways, if you happen to play a lot of dress up games (which weirdly I have) then once you load up Popo's Dress Up you will notice the quality right away. Must dress up games are crude attempts at just capitalizing on a quick market and therefore the quality is terrible. Popo's Dress Up and other Squeaky Toybox dress up games (all can be found on Squeaky Toybox's girl gaming site; Shazza) are the opposite and really take on the word "art". Honestly the little fantasy world that Squeaky Toybox (Really the artist is Kirsten Rayner) I would akin to the Hello Kitty world. I think that it is that good.

how to get the penguin in popos dress up game

Anyways, I digress. So while Popo's Dress Up looks amazing does it hold up to current dress up game standards? Why yes it does, exceeds them in fact. Not only do can you change Popo's outfits but you can change the color, patterns and give him items to hold and place around him. In addition there is also a short point and click adventure puzzle to play in which you can earn an extra item to place around. All around Popo's Dress Up is really an exemplary example of what an artist and developer who obviously loves the craft can do even in a simplistic dress up game.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Endless War 6 Flash Game Review

Endless war 6 flash game review

Link: Endless War 6
Developer: Vitaly
Sponsored by ArcadeTown
Genre: Shooter/Strategy
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

Endless War 6!? I know what you're probably thinking. Didn't Endless War 5 just come out a few months ago? Yes it did, July in fact. Such a quick turn around for a new series addition don't you think? Well, when you don't really change much I guess it doesn't take long to crank out a new game.

I'm sure you are all picking up on the "slight" sarcasm in my tone here. But it is a pet peeve of mine when I see great series just crank out "new" games to cash in. Endless War 6 is pretty much exactly like Endless War 5, done to a tee. The only thing different is the names of the tanks as it is played in a different perspective. The gameplay is exactly the same aka tank controlling which while I like and think is a great addition, I was hoping for a little bit variation from Endless War 5 and I know tons of players yearn for a return to the gameplay style of Endless War 3 which they have seemingly abandoned. Now don't get me wrong, I like the gameplay style and think it works well. It actually works a little better (in terms of your allies help) but the issue is that no change was made. Endless War 6 should really just be called an expansion pack or level pack of Endless War 5.

Endless War 6 level walkthrough

The upgrade system, the ranking up system, the tank system. All of it is directly copy and pasted over from Endless War 5 which is just disheartening that nothing really was done to change up the formula. New tanks and a few new enemies are the only change but you don't really notice those and it doesn't warrant a whole new game of exactly the same style and play as your old one which was released two months ago. Overall I like the Endless War series and Endless War 6 is still a good flash game, but it is just nothing special and nothing more than Endless War 5 with a few new tanks.

Alien Vs. Robots Flash Game Review

Alien vs robots flash game review

Link: Alien Vs. Robots
Developer: Demonte Maximiliano
Sponsored by NowGamez
Genre: Shooter/Upgrades
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

If you had to pick a classic brawl between two geek culture icons it would have to be aliens versus robots. I know, I know, vampires versus Doctor Who is a close second. Anyway, how about a flash game to pit these two divisive beings together, well that is exactly what Alien Vs. Robots does in cool shooting games fashion.

Alien Vs. Robots is a typical linear shooter. You play as the alien who is attacking the robots and like in most space shooter games of this sort you can guess the rest. Level after level of enemies (in this case evil robots) and collect their loot and cash they drop upon death. You can then use the money to purchase upgrades to be better at killing all these insidious robots. All in all Alien Vs. Robots is fairly generic, the enemies are nothing special as well as the upgrades and premise in general.

alien vs robots flash game upgrades

It does have a few interesting tidbits though. First off while the upgrades themselves are fairly generic in their actual shooting aspect, you do have two weapon slots which while not unique by a long shot is kind of interesting to see in a linear space shooter like Alien Vs. Robots. The other tidbit is you actually have a "master robot" or maybe boss robot which is chasing you. It is kind of like the wall of death that games such as Mario and others have implemented since the dawn of video games but more clever. However, it features a fatal flaw. It is too quick. Well not quick per say but it fires missiles at you from behind which combined with the unbalance of the general gameplay (aka weapon strength versus new robot attack) really creates a frustrating stew of a flash game. Overall though Alien Vs. Robots is your typical linear space shooting game and that is all you should expect to really get out of it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bug Slayer Flash Game Review

Bug Slayer flash game review

Link: Bug Slayer
Developer: Awoker Games
Sponsored by Tremor Games
Genre: Shooter/Upgrades
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 6.5/10

We've all played bullet hell shooter games with tons of enemies, but what about facing a line up of the toughest bullet hell bosses in a row? Sound familiar? Well, Boss Slayer is essentially the same thing and came before Bug Slayer but the premise is the same and while not totally unique, the idea still holds up.

So if you didn't understand what I was saying above, basically in Bug Slayer (and Boss Slayer) you start out a fairly weak unit and you just face bosses. After you beat one boss, another comes up, and so forth. There is also a time limit (or turn limit) so you must defeat the final boss battle before that limit. And of course as you beat bosses you get money so that when you die you can upgrade yourself to last longer in these subsequent boss battles.

Bug Slayer boss battle upgrades

Now as you can already sort of tell with my tone, I have a few qualms with Bug Slayer. The biggest is the blatant Boss Slayer copy which seeing as how both Bug Slayer and Boss Slayer are made from Awoker Games it really reflects on the company. They can make these solid boss slayer type games (and I guess kind of invented the "genre") but they are becoming just a one trick pony and just doing reskins. Bug Slayer is exactly like Boss Slayer with the upgrades, premise, turn limit, etc. In fact it does it worse as the relationship between boss difficulty and upgrades are not balanced that well. All in all I had fun with Bug Slayer but disappointing in the whole experience unfortunately.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hapland Series Retro Review

Hapland logo

Play Hapland 3Hapland 2 and Hapland
Developer: Robin Allen
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9.5/10

You may have noticed the out of the ordinary blog post title. Yes, I am trying yet again something new. To add to my MobileMush Mondays and my Spotlights I got the idea to do Retro Reviews occasionally on some older yet popular games that I never got a chance to review as I just started this blog last year. I also hope to perhaps introduce some really great retro flash games to some viewers who maybe have never heard of these games before.

Hapland solution
So anyways, my first edition of this new editorial is going to be on the Hapland series by Robin Allen. The first Hapland came out in 2005 and the last one (Hapland 3) came out in 2006. Hard to believe that it has been 6 years since the end of the Hapland series. Although just an aside he recently created the new banner over at Jayisgames called Jigland, so check that out if you've been missing out on your Hapland fix.

Hapland 2 solutions

Enough of the aside. Hapland. What is it? If you don't know, the Hapland series is one single frame action puzzle. You are presented with some environment complete with all sorts of odd objects and stick figures to interact with. You are told no real goal and just through the process of randomly clicking and making things happen you kind of realize that there is a set order to do things with and eventually you "win". Of course each edition (Hapland 2 and Hapland 3) are even harder. And note when I say hard, I mean hard. The Hapland Series is still one of the hardest flash game series I've ever played. I can remember trying to beat the original Hapland on the family computer and having to finally admit defeat and look at a walkthrough. I did however complete Hapland 2 and Hapland 3 sans walkthrough although it took me a while. While the Hapland series is so difficult that is really what makes it so great. It is not that frustrating as much as there is just so many options and paths to take you just want to test them all, and if you fail you at least see something cool while you do it.

Hapland 3 solution

I would go as far as putting the Hapland Series in some sort of puzzle flash game hall of fame if I had such authority. They are just so unique in both idea and style (especially at the time) and still hold up to today's standards for the most part.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pheus and Mor Flash Game Review

Pheus and Mor flash game review

Link: Pheus and Mor
Developer: Anton Velmozhniy
Art by Dmitry Nikolaev
Sponsored by Pegas Games
Genre: Platformer/Puzzle/Story
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

I have always been an advocate that flash games are an art form and can really express and invoke emotions. Pheus and Mor is a perfect example of this idea. Not only is it visually stunning in itself but it really hits home a message of childhood friendship with tragedy.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here, I'll first talk about the game in general. In terms of uniqueness I will say Pheus and Mor kind of takes the low road on this. It is a duel person platforming puzzle flash game of the likes the flash game series Fire Boy and Water Girl have pretty much dominated in, along with loads of other flash games of similar premises. And to be even more honest the gameplay in Pheus and Mor is not even up to par as it feels sluggish and unresponsive.

Pheus and mor storyline boy in a coma

However, I still rated Pheus and Mor a 9/10. Why? Something must have caught my attention. Basically it was the artistic style (from Dmitry Nikolaev) and the story it conveys (I'm a sucker for stories in flash games). Essentially the levels you play are all in a boy who is in a coma's mind after a tragic car accident. The levels are filled with fun colorful images and objects while the boy plays with his dog having a great time. Every once in a while you get "bad" levels which I acquaint to real life slipping through. These levels are dark and full of chaos yet the boy overcomes these difficulties with the help of his dog yet again. You can take what you want out of this flash game but I think for a simple duel puzzle platformer, Pheus and Mor really bring home a sophisticated story which I had a great time exploring.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Race the Sun Flash Game Review

Race the sun flash game review

Link: Race the Sun
Developer: Flippfly
Genre: Distance
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

Sometimes simplicity is all it takes. Many flash games have proven this, take Canabalt for instance, it is just a running game yet has achieved so much success off its small premise. So if you can do a simplistic and minimalistic game right, you may hit a gold mine. I believe this could be the case with this latest flash game review; Race the Sun.

As most simplistic games it is simply a distance game at its core but it feels like so much more. First off a few disclaimers. Race the Sun does run Unity so you need the Unity Plugin and this is just an alpha version, a full version of Race the Sun will be out before the year is over though. Anyway, so I mentioned that Race the Sun is a distance game. Yes, yes it is. However it is one of the most intense distance games I've played and you can owe that to the Unity engine.

Race the sun screenshot press

Basically you control a small aircraft zooming through these fields full of obstacles like trees and just geometric columns. Everything is rendered in 3-D of which I must say Race the Sun is one of the few games to really pull it off. I know I have commented on 3-D flash games in the past and have praised them but in general most 3-D games based in Unity are terrible, however I think the graphics here are crisp and very polished (at least compared to the tons of other crappy Unity games). Now the game isn't just zipping and zooming around trying not to crash. You do have the option to collect bonus points and complete objectives. This makes it have a little bit more replay value although the fast paced adrenaline you get is enough to hook most in. I'll end saying that I really look forward to the final product of Race the Sun and can't wait to see what more is added.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jelly Wheels 2 Flash Game Review

Jelly wheels 2 flash game review

Link: Jelly Wheels 2
Developer: VuGluskr
Sponsored by
Genre: Action/Physics
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

What if your car or truck had wheels made of jelly? What would you do then, would physics even let you move? Well, Jelly Wheels 2 does the best a flash game can do at answering these life altering questions...while you collect fruit and coins in your dump truck!

Now if you didn't play the first Jelly Wheels (Jelly Wheels Arcade which I didn't do a flash game review on) well...Jelly Wheels 2 is pretty much exactly it. Now the idea is really cool and fun to play but that doesn't change the fact that really nothing was changed in this "sequel". But first the good. The physics part comes to play in well the wheels which are made of jelly or some semi-fluid material. This allows you to traverse over hills and bumps. Along the way you have to collect various coins and fruit to up your highscore and must keep them from bouncing out of your open dump truck.

Jelly WHeels 2 screenshot

But again, this is the same premise as the first Jelly Wheels and really the level designs in Jelly Wheels 2 is not much different either. Really the only change is a semi upgrade system much as I advocate for upgrade systems in flash games it just is not necessary in a physics puzzler almost or physics skill game as I like to classify Jelly Wheels 2 as. So what was put in to add something special really just turns into an unnecessary distraction. Overall though the idea behind Jelly Wheels 2 is what matters and it is a fun game to play for a bit, so check it out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Defeat Levels 4-21 in Angry Birds

Level 4-21 of the Angry Birds game consists of pigs hiding behind a large tower with four small walls. The pigs are seven in number and of various sizes. You get six birds in this level. You will have to launch these six birds to destroy the fort and all the pigs to move to the next level. This level can be a little tricky to tackle but if you experiment with the angle at which you can launch the birds you will be able to get past it.

  1. Align The Bird’s Trajectory Properly
Follow the steps given below to correctly align the bird’s trajectory.

a)                  Place the bird in the sling shot.

b)                  Tap the bird and control its movement.

c)                  Move your finger on the phone touch screen in such a fashion that the trajectory of the bird will ensure that it hits the grey stones on the top of the tall tower.

d)                 Hold the bird and drag your finger so that the sling shot with the bird is stretched completely to the back.

e)                  Release the finger and watch the bird fly and hit the tower.

Some may consider that sending the angry birds at a sharp angle towards the tower is a good strategy, but a better option would be to launch them head-on.

  1. Complete The Second Shot Quickly
Now that you have aligned the birds properly, continue with the next step.

a)                  Once you have released the first bird and it hits the desired target, use the second bird and follow the same steps.

b)                  Send the second bird to hit the stones on the top of the tower in the exact same manner. 
Remember, the quicker you complete the second shot, the greater is your chance to destroy the tower with the second bird. If the tower is still standing after to you have launched the second bird, then use the third bird and hit it in the precise point to bring down the tower.

  1. Use The Birds Strategically
If the tower falls after the third try, then you can shoot one bird at the surviving pigs. Note that the trajectory of this bird should be lower than those launched to topple the tower. You can use a bird to directly attack the pig with the helmet, if it survives the fallen tower.

If the tower has destroyed all the pigs, use the remaining three birds to attack the three pigs hiding behind the wooden planks. These pigs, hiding behind the vertical planks, are easy to attack and destroy. If, however, you are unsuccessful in destroying them with the three birds, then you will have to start this level over again.

Levels 4-21 are difficult and you may not be able to complete it in your first try. Don’t lose heart, keep experimenting and searching for the best way to use the birds to eliminate the seven pigs. As you continue playing this level, you will realize the dynamics of the Angry Birds physics and will be better equipped to tackle this and subsequent levels.

If the love of this game has bought you this far that you’re finding the tricks to excel it, you sure are going to love, where you can catch up with all the happening of the game.

B. Lyttle is a 24-years old gaming enthusiast who has been hooked to the Angry Birds game ever since it was launched and is a contributor for the angrybirdsjournal website.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bit Dungeon Flash Game Review

bit dungeon flash game review

Link: Bit Dungeon
Developer: Tom Heinecke of Kinto Games
Sponsored by MaxGames
Genre: Adventure
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

I just cannot pass up a good dungeon crawler game. Not sure why but just love the genre. The randomness, all the loot, the action, really gets my blood flowing. Combine this with my favorite style of graphics and Bit Dungeon has been born.

So if you didn't get my short description up above, Bit Dungeon is your typical randomized dungeon crawler with "bit" graphics and it is a really darn good one at that. First off all the graphics are amazing, everything has that nice SNES/GBA style to it. The best part of all though is the randomness; random enemies, random dungeon layout, random loot, etc. Every play is a new experience and that is what gets players to keep coming back, it's replay value +1000 in my books!

Bit dungeon armor helm plate

The one thing holding Bit Dungeon back from being one of the best dungeon crawler flash games I've played though is the controls... It is all mouse controls which is interesting but in practice it just doesn't work. It is a pain to click where you want to go all the time and the attack features can be a bit off some times. Would have much preferred a classic keyboard control scheme and think it would be much better. The difficulty is actually quite hard as well I found but only due to the problems I have with the mouse only control scheme. Overall though Bit Dungeon is one of the best dungeon crawler flash games I've played and looks amazing doing it!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ricoshooter 2 Flash Game Review

Ricoshooter 2 flash game review

Link: Ricoshooter 2
Developer: Nicee
Sponsored by CoolBuddy
Genre: Shooter/Puzzle
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 6/10

One of my favorite "gimmicks", if you will, in flash games is ricocheting. Of course the king of ricochet games is the Ricochet Kills series. Well it seems a contender (although this is the sequel so maybe more like rival) has appeared; Ricoshooter 2. Luckily for Ricochet Kills I don't think they need to worry.

From start to finish I just got this feeling of sub-par knockoff for Ricoshooter 2. Now don't get me wrong, Ricoshooter 2 looks very nice and has a great deal of polish put into it. That part is good and I like the futuristic robot feel it has. However, when you compare level designs and the actual ricocheting of the bullets, Ricoshooter 2 falls short.

Ricoshooter 2 ricochet kills

The level designs in general are ambiguous and you're not really sure what you are shooting at. The characters in general are small and zoomed out leading to more confusion. Lastly there is just nothing special with the levels anyways. It is unfortunate but all Ricoshooter 2 really has going for it is nice graphics (although zoomed out so much) and a good idea which has already been done better.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sports Heads: Basketball Flash Game Review

Sports Heads Basketball flash game review

Link: Sports Heads: Basketball
Developer: Mousebreaker
Sponsored by kChamp Games
Genre: Action/Sports
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Mousebreaker is back with more Sports Heads madness! Previous sports have been Sports Heads: Football as well as Sports Heads: Tennis and Sports Heads: Volleyball. Well, here today is a new Sports Heads title; Sports Heads: Basketball.

If you've played any of the other Sports Heads game you will know how Sports Heads: Basketball will be. It is you versus some opponent kicking and headbutting the ball to score. Of course in Sports Heads: Basketball the goal is not a football (or soccer as we Americans call it) net but rather the basket. The only real difference is the 2 point and 3 pointer system is in place which is really neat.

Sports Heads: Basketball basketball

All the other features in the Sports Heads series you've grown to love are there. Tournament style, tons of in game powerups, and achievements. However, because nothing has really changed (even text for the in game tutorial) from other Sports Heads game, I have to knock points off for just being a reskin of old Sports Heads titles which is a slight disappointment. Either way though Sports Heads: Basketball is another great addition to the Sports Heads series!

Commit Point Five Flash Game Review

Commit Point five flash game review

Link: Commit Point Five
Developer: Daniel Twomey
Sponsored by TremorGames
Genre: Shooter
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Time to get your fix of pixelated shooting fun, in flash game form! Commit Point Five (or Commit.5 as the banner says) is a typical arena pixel shooter with goals! You heard me, goals.

Although goals may actually be the wrong word choice for this honestly, but basically Commit Point Five is broken into levels instead of just endless enemies like normal arena top down shooters.These levels are ended when you stay in designated circles for a certain time period. As the levels progress the levels obviously get harder. Harder enemies appear, more environmental factors appear, etc.

Commit point five upgrades

Now I like this idea at first. It's a cool idea that hasn't really been explored as much as it should have been (as it is a very simple concept) yet there is one fatal flaw that I don't really like and I know others do not as well. This flaw is the non-randomness of it all. All the levels are the same so you know the tricks after a few plays and then you get bored. You also get really mad and rage quit more often when you die as you don't want to start all the way at level 1. To fix this randomizing the level patterns and the circle locations would have fixed this all and increased replay value ten fold. But alas it is not that way, however Commit Point Five is still a fun game to play a few rounds in.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boat Parking 3D Flash Game Review

Link: Boat Parking 3D
Developer: Toonminator
Sponsored by
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

Seems parking game reviews are becoming a staple on FlashMush Reviews and that is a-ok with me! Today's parking game review (should do specific days!) is not a car nor a truck parking game but rather boats! Who would have thought of making a boat parking game, and wait there is more. It's all in 3D! So put that all together and you get the great parking game; Boat Parking 3D.

I'll first talk about the 3D aspect of Boat Parking 3D. It is very similar to flash games like Go Kart Go! Nitro! in which I compare these 3D flash game graphics to that of the old Nintendo 64 graphics.  I don't think all flash games can pull this style off but a select few types can, of which Boat Parking 3D is one of those. In terms of the actual parking aspect, Boat Parking 3D passes all my tests. The collision detection is not overly sensitive like other parking games and the actual driving controls are not overly sensitive as well.

In fact the parking aspect of Boat Parking 3D is interesting as is with boats! Basically you are parking in docks and piers instead of parking spaces and you also have to deal with other maritime traffic. However, the way Boat Parking 3D is set up makes for extremely repetitive and easy actions. Really lowers the replay value as it gets boring quick. Overall though Boat Parking 3D looks the part and feels the part of a great parking game!