Monday, January 28, 2013

Crush the Castle Adventures (Beta) Flash Game Spotlight

crush the castles adventures beta

Link: Crush the Castle Adventures
Developed by Joey Betz
Art by Jimp
Sponsored by Armor Games
Genre: Physics/Puzzle

So I have wonderful news for all you flash game enthusiasts like myself. One of my most anticipated flash game releases, Crush the Castle Adventures, posted a beta version for testing and feedback today (linked above). Not sure if you follow the Crush the Castle series but I find them much more fun than the often compared Angry Birds and with this latest edition even more so.

I'm only going going to talk a little bit about the new features in Crush the Castle Adventures for this post as it is still in beta and I feel it would be extremely unfair to do a review on an unfinished game. Now once you load up Crush the Castle Adventures you'll notice big changes right away. The biggest and most obvious is perhaps the graphical overhaul from the fairly bad but "realistic" graphics of old and replaced with cute cartoon like graphics characteristic of Jimp. Now I'm not too sure about this change as I kind of liked the old feel as this new feel is a bit too cartoony or Angry Birds like to me but that may be the direction they want to go in (to commandeer back some of that Angry Birds steam).

crush the castle adventures level solutions

For the most part gameplay in Crush the Castle Adventures is the same as it always has been in the Crush the Castle series. New projectile types such as inflator shots, bee hives, grape shots, etc. have been added which add a nice unique touch that other projectile games do not have (currently). Other interesting features I found in Crush the Castle Adventures is level missions which range from killing everyone in two shots to hitting certain spots in one shot to leaving all horses alive. These correspond to medals which then are used to upgrade your own castle which to my knowledge is really only aesthetic but still an interesting idea. So overall I think Crush the Castle Adventures is a great addition to the Crush the Castle series and once it gets out of beta I will be sure to review it fully. For now though go play the beta and provide feedback like I have!


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