Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surgeon Simulator 2013 Game Review

surgeon simulator 2013 global game jam review

Link: Surgeon Simulator 2013
Developed by Bossa Studio
Genre: Action/Unity
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

You're going to see a lot of reviews of games form this year's Global Game Jam in which the theme was "the sound of a heartbeat". One of the games that has come out of this years Global Game Jam which is getting a lot of attention is Bossa Studio's unity based game Surgeon Simulator 2013.

The name, Surgeon Simulator 2013, really does give an idea of what the game is about...sort of. I say that as the the "simulator" part of the name is pretty literal. Basically in Surgeon Simulator 2013 you have to know and do two things; the first is actually how to perform an open heart surgery (to a certain exaggerated extent) and the second is you have to physically perform the surgery using ultra-realistic controls. The control scheme is most closely being compared to QWOP and other games of that ilk and this of course allows for some quite humorous happenings which people have filmed and put on Youtube and Reddit.

surgeon simulator 2013 solution

I for one, however, am not a big fan of the whole Foddy.net games and do not quite like the control scheme that Surgeon Simulator 2013 uses as it then makes the game into almost a joke game or a fad game. Which is a shame as graphically Surgeon Simulator 2013 is perhaps one of the best Unity games I've played so far and with a real control scheme I feel it could be a great simulation game. As of now though Surgeon Simulator 2013  is an interesting game for sure but doesn't have the right controls and feel for a lasting game.