Monday, March 11, 2013

Grow Maze Flash Game Spotlight

grow maze grow cube

Link: Grow Maze
Developed by Eyezmaze
Genre: Puzzle/Action

Eyezmaze is an interesting flash game developer. They put out some of the most strangest yet appealing puzzle flash games. Such games they have put out include Grow Cube, Grow Cannon, Grow Valley, actually a lot of puzzle games with that "grow" prefix. Adding to the ranks is Eyezmaze's newest grow game, Grow Maze.

If you've played any of Eyezmaze's other games you know that a common theme in them is using items in correct orders to actually kind of "grow" levels and just make things happen in order to win. Grow Maze is no different but is of course in a maze form. So you not only have a maze to traverse (although that aspect is fairly easy with the minimap) but you need to figure out puzzles and using items in their correct order.

grow maze eyezmaze solution

Not much to really say about Grow Maze as the typical style people are familiar with is present just presented differently yet again. So Grow Maze is another great and weird puzzle flash game from the brilliant mind of Eyezmaze.


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