Monday, March 18, 2013

Kingdom Rush Winter Storm Update App Spotlight

kingdom rush winter storm update

Link: Kingdom Rush Winter Storm
Developed by Ironhide Studios
Sponsored by Armor Games

Winter is not over if you can't already tell with the latest batch of snowy weather around the country. But even more so you can tell its not winter by the newest update to the incredibly successful flash game turned mobile app success Kingdom Rush.

The winter update, titled Kingdom Rush Winter Storm is actually a pretty nice update. Featuring two new stages, three new enemies, five new achievements, a hard mode and two new heroes. The heroes are particularly interesting as you have Ingvar the Viking werebear which shreds enemies and Eloras Wintersong which freezes their souls. The hard mode is also a great edition as fans have been asking for that for a while.

There of course is a story bit to go along with the Kingdom Rush Winter Storm update which is the following: Ulguk-Hai the Troll Warlord has united the Ha’Kraj trolls under one banner and is threatening the good citizens of Linirea! General is time to take up arms again, pack your winter gear and head to the Glacial Heights to face the Ha’Kraj nation!

Full list of features below:

kingdom rush winter storm update heores ingvar the viking eloras wintersong


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