Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sports Head: Ice Hockey Flash Game Spotlight

Sports Head: Ice Hockey mousebreaker

Link: Sports Head: Ice Hockey
Developed by Mousebreaker
Genre: Sports/Action

Winter is not over yet so ice hockey is still the sport in season and Mousebreaker knows it and releases another sports title in their ever expanding line of Sports Head titles this time titled Sports Head: Ice Hockey. It started with Sports Head: Football and then quickly expanded to volleyball and basketball and now ice hockey is added to the ranks.

Of course I'm only featuring Sports Head: Ice Hockey as one of my flash game spotlights as again nothing really changes between these different sports head sport games other than a reskin to fit the appropriate sport. A few changes, though, were brought to Sports Head this time around such as more slippery ground to represent the ice. Ever other change though is simply a resultant of a reskin such as replacing feet with a hockey stick and the ball with a puck.

Sports Head: Ice Hockey

But even though Sports Head: Ice Hockey is more or less the same game as its predecessors the fact remains that it is a popular and addictive series and one that if you liked the other sports head flash games you'll like this one.