Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Curve Fever 2 Flash Game Review

curve fever 2 multiplayer flash game

Link: Curve Fever 2
Developed by GBurg
Genre: Action/Multiplayer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

I don't play many multiplayer flash games but when I do I review them! Hence is the case with today's review on Curve Fever 2 the multiplayer Snake dueling flash game.

The easiest way to introduce and tell people what Curve Fever 2 is about is to compare the general concept to the light bikes in the Tron series (and subsequent video games) where you leave a line behind you and try to trap your opponents into running into it. Curve Fever 2 is the same but online and muliplayer with up to 8 people. Of course in Tron the lines were all straight and in 90 degree angles, as the name suggests Curve Fever 2 has curves and that makes things a lot more interesting.

curve fever 2 rankings

What also makes Curve Fever 2 interesting is there are powerups that pop up on the field which you can use to your advantage. Such powerups include slowing you or your enemies down, speeding you or your enemies up, making your lines fatter, erasing all the lines, reversing controls, etc. Some of these are useful to you and others may hinder you if you don't know how to control them properly. Either way it makes the game more interesting. Although, while the concept of Curve Fever 2 seems to try and focus more on actual "battling" your opponents and tricking them into running into your lines that rarely happens. Curve Fever 2 mainly boils down to the last one to survive not running into their own tail, especially since the game is kind of buggy in general and sometimes the screen can be too small to make precise movements. Overall though Curve Fever 2 is a blast to play online and the multiplayer aspect is quite fun and the community is great.


  1. This is not "multiplayer Snake" or "Tron without 90 degree angles", but a straight clone of Zatacka/Achtung die Kurve.

  2. I said those classifications as I felt it was easier to explain. As for clone of Zatacka/Achtung die Kurve, never heard of either of them before so just looked it up. You're right but they seem a lot older so I still think its good that Curve Fever 1 & 2 have stepped up to make the genre happening again.