Thursday, April 25, 2013

Incursion 2 The Artifact Flash Game Review

incursion 2 the artifact kingdom rush frontiers clone

Link: Incursion 2 The Artifact
Developed by Booblyc
Sponsored by Armor Games
Genre: Tower Defense
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

This sure was quick. The turn around time for a sequel for Incursion, called Incursion 2 The Artifact, surprised us all I feel since the original was published in November. Either way I'll take all the sweet tower defense action I can get and since the Incursion series is heavily influenced by Kingdom Rush it'll help the wait for Kingdom Rush 2 a little bit.

incursion 2 kingdom rush 2

Since the turn around time for Incursion 2 The Artifact was so quick you may think that not many features were added On the contrary though as a few big changes were added. Probably the biggest change was the inclusion of heroes (further riding the thin line for Kingdom Rush clone) which have different abilities dictated by mana requirements. The other big change or rather inclusion was that of a proper and detailed storyline. This explains the heroes (although not why they weren't in the original) and does so in a neat comic book style theme.

In addition to the storyline and heroes bit there also are some new enemies to keep you busy. In general though I did knock the rating down a bit as in general nothing drastic changed. Still a good tower defense game and a good secondary Kingdom Rush clone if you will but in terms of a different from Incursion to Incursion 2 The Artifact heroes are the only aspect added which isn't all that unique anymore.


  1. A very pleasent surprise that shows Irohide Game Studios how fast a sequel (mind 'em: a sequel full of brand new ideas, not just a level pack or sorts) is supposed to be made...

    The game itself - many might not agree - is better than even Kingdom Rush and far superior to its predecessor. Incursion 2 might easily be the best TD this year and Kingdom Rush Frontiers really needs to come up with some big hits if it wants to stay above surface.

  2. Although one could argue that the new ideas in Incursion 2 are again just Kingdom Rush copies (aka the heroes). I do agree with you. After playing Incursion 2 to finish for this review I went back and played Kingdom Rush and must say I do prefer Incursion 2 at this point. Kingdom Rush Frontiers does need to step it up to show its' dominance once again.