Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No-One Has to Die Flash Game Review

no-one has to die game a month

Link: No-one Has to Die
Developed by StuStutheBloo
Genre: Story/Action/HTML5
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

Every now and then a flash game comes out that is just so different that I just have to review it. No-one Has to Die is one of these flash games. Made by a relatively unknown developer, StuStutheBloo, No-one Has to Die is an interesting story game that delves deep into the multiverse theory.

Now this review will be fairly tough to accomplish as I don't want to spoil the wonderful storyline. But basically the game is an interactive story where you play as a "stranger" who logs into a chat room for a big company after discovering two guards dead on the floor and a fire has been started in the building. As you log onto the chat room three other people log on. A girl named Christina, a guy named Steve, a mysterious man named Troy and the company's CEO Lionel. The action part comes in the fact that you control door locks and essentially water pumps to help put out the fire.

no-one has to die story ending chris steve lionel troy

The whole game of No-one Has to Die hinges on choices. At each level of the building you are given a hard choice to make. Two people in danger, only one can live. Of course these choices aren't made without thought as you get to read each person's chat lines to know bits and pieces of the overall story as well as who you think is bad or good. At the end of the game you will only have one survivor. However, this is where No-one Has to Die gets interesting as the game encourages you (well forces) you to repeat the game saving different people to understand all the timelines and story. At the end of all the different timelines you will have the full understanding of the game and storyline in No-one Has to Die and I must say it is a pretty awesome one.

Nothing really to critique here in No-one Has to Die. The gameplay is fairly easy but it is not the main focus of the game so I'm not going to hold it against it. I would like to see a continued sequel with perhaps more options and a larger over reaching story but in general No-one Has to Die has been one of the most unique and freshest flash games I've played.


  1. I've played this,and it was great!I loved the music,how it changed according to the situation!Love it,and am waiting for a sequel!

  2. three other people:
    1. Christina
    2. Steve
    3. Troy
    4. Lionel

    this game is amazing, just like the developer. his games are so creative. check out his other games, i doubt you'll regret it