Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barbie Rockstar Barbie Dress Up Games Spotlight

Link: Barbie Rockstar
Developed by Dress Up Mix
Genre: Action

Like my recent post on a Dora the Explorer game, today I am doing a small spotlight on a flash game and flash game genre that I normally wouldn't do; today's is on Barbie dress up games. Why a spotlight on this? Well, according to it seems Barbie dress up games are a huge hit with the young girl demographic much like Dora games are a huge hit with the young kid demographic. So I decided to delve into this unfamiliar territory and looked at a game called Barbie Rockstar to see what the appeal could be.

From what I see these online flash based dress up games are just a quick and simple way for young girls and such to play dress up...just online. They don't need to spend money on an expensive Barbie doll and then all these different outfits. Instead you can play countless online Barbie dress up games with many different themes and outfits. Barbie Rockstar is one of these with an obvious rockstar theme so you have the more "punk" outfits which reminds me of outfits that Miley Cyrus would wear and such. Furthermore Barbie Rockstar has a nice addition of an actual "rockstar" soundtrack to get you in the mood. Overall if you like Barbie dress up games then Barbie Rockstar would probably fit your style.


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