Monday, May 6, 2013

Giants and Dwarves TD Flash Game Review

Giants and Dwarves TD

Link: Giants and Dwarves TD
Developed by Labu Games
Sponsored by Kongregate
Genre: Tower Defense
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

In this day of age in flash gaming I feel that the tower defense genre is pretty oversaturated and some may say stale. I kind of attribute this stagnance to the Tower Defense modern day pioneer, Kingdom Rush. Since that has come out it seems all the new tower defense flash games are copying the style both gameplay and graphics (see the Incursion series). So when I saw Labu Games' new tower defense game Giants and Dwarves TD I was sure I'd see more of the same.

Fortunately I was wrong. Giants and Dwarves TD brings a very interesting idea to the otherwise stagnant tower defense genre and does that part well. The idea is kind of hard to coin a phrase to but I like vertical tower defense. Basically the paths that enemies can take are oriented vertically going up and down hills instead of in a top down view. This verticalness also allows for an integral part of Giants and Dwarves TD...the giants! These giants are kind of like bosses with huge amounts of health points and tower above all your units (the dwarves). It is quite funny to watch your dwarves and hero actually climb up the giants to attack them and then fall off to their demise.
Giants and Dwarves TD screenshot

Aside from the interesting perspective change and the crazy giant boss units, Giants and Dwarves TD plays pretty regularly. You have four types of units; soldiers, archers, mages and cannons which can be upgraded. Although their upgrades just add more units and the towers grow in height. Enemies are pretty standard yet adequately varied. However, Giants and Dwarves TD has some fatal flaws. For all my talk above about how all new tower defense games have copied Kingdom Rush and turned the market stagnant...well turns out you need these features to really be a good tower defense game nowadays. While I enjoyed Giants and Dwarves TD and the interesting changes it felt like a lot was lacking due to the lack of tower upgrade variety/split offs and having no real control over what enemies your units attack. Hopefully though Labu Games will recognize that they are onto something new which is a rarity and make some of these more standard tower defense features for the next Giants and Dwarves TD.


  1. Thanks for the review! We definitely want to take the concept further and improve it in a sequel. We learned a lot from making the first game and feel that we could better tackle some of the design issues/hurdles that we faced during development and have not solved yet in the current release.

    Heru - Labu Games