Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kingdom Rush Frontiers New Heroes

kingdom rush frontiers new heroes

So with the new Kingdom Rush Frontiers ,aka Kingdom Rush 2 for those who don't know the real title, coming out very soon Ironhide Studios has taken it upon themselves to do a series of teaser trailers showing the new heroes for Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Thus I took it upon myself to share them with you along with some observations.

alric kingdom rush frontiers hammerhold

The first hero announced is Alric, a champion of Hammerhold. Alric seems to control sand as he can summon sand monsters from the ground to attack your enemies which move in damaging tornadoes. Also in the teaser Kingdom Rush Frontiers video it seems there is a friendly Genie in the desert styled levels to help you.

cronan kingdom rush frontiers boars rhinoceros

Next is Cronan a beast master from the untamed wild and King of the Jungle. He fights with a whip doing presumably more damage to beast enemies. His powers include rhinoceros stampedes, summoning fighting boars as well as falcons.

mirage kingdom rush frontiers shadows

Up next is Mirage, a deadly assassin who utilizes shadow clones. Her powers include creating her shadow clones as well as being able to teleport back and forth places and hiding in plain sight from enemies.

kingdom rush frontiers captain blackthorne hero

Finally the last Kingdom Rush Frontiers hero to be announced (more are to come) is Captain Blackthorne, an obviously scary pirate who sails the seven seas. In true pirate fashion it seems Captain Blackthorne gets extra coins when defeating enemies. He also utilizes explosives, his sword and pistol. He can also create huge pools of water to slow down enemies and release the Kraken!

So there you go. The teaser trailers for all the released new Kingdom Rush Frontiers heroes. Be sure to watch the videos as you may catch things that I missed. I'll also be updating this post for all the new Kingdom Rush Frontiers heroes to be announced. 


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