Friday, August 16, 2013

Super Sports Heads Football Flash Game Review

super sports heads football mousebreaker

Link: Super Sports Heads Football
Developed by Mousebreaker
Genre: Action/Sports
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

A hugely successful flash game series that has spawned many a game is the Sports Head series. It started with Sports Heads: Football and since has had basketball, volleyball and more Sports Heads games but all have been in similar vein. Now the original formula has been tweaked and while it still says it is in beta it is out to play now. The first sport to be in this new and improved formula is Super Sports Heads Football.

super sports heads football powerups

So what is the big changes between this Super Sports Heads Football and the original? Pretty much just minor cosmetic features. Gameplay is the same simple way of bumping and kicking the football into the goals. But the menu systems have changed, level background, etc. have changed. Super Sports Heads Football was made in Unity this time around and it seems to run a tad better than before but overall I would say that it is pretty similar and still worth the play.


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