Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cookie Clicker Flash Game Spotlight

cookie clicker addicting game

Link: Cookie Clicker
Developed by Orteil
Genre: Action/Upgrades/RPG

I recently came upon a game that is sweeping the internet and enslaving everyone to mindless cookie baking. The game is simply called Cookie Clicker and is basically a humorous cookie themed idle RPG type browser game.

In Cookie Clicker you are presented with a simple interface; there is a big cookie on the left, empty space in the middle and a list of upgrades on the right. You click the cookie to make cookies (naturally) and once you get enough you can purchase upgrades. The basic upgrade is an automatic cursor that clicks the cookie for you...and is only the beginning of your cookie clicking addiction. Since now you're cookie clicking is automated in Cookie Clicker you are free to browse the rest of the internet and come back at your own will. By then you'll realize you have amassed tons of cookies and can purchase other better upgrades.

cookie clicker grandmapocalypse

The other upgrades range from having grandmas bake cookies for you to an antimatter condenser that turns the entire universe into cookies. Note that the last upgrade costs almost 4 billion cookies (cookies are also the currency in Cookie Clicker) and that is only for the base upgrade. Cookie Clicker, to put it mildly, is a cookie extravaganza. Soon, if you keep at it, you'll be making cookies by the hundreds of thousands per second easily and have hundreds of cookie farms, cookie alchemist stations and upgrades for your upgrades. Cookie Clicker is also very tongue in cheek, so the upgrades have funny descriptions and there are news blurbs at the top outlining your cookie empire progress which is quite humorous to read. So if you want to waste your time baking and clicking cookies try out Cookie Clicker but don't say I didn't warn you.


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