Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Look: Lost Outpost Preview

lost outpost logo

Title: Lost Outpost
Developed by Garage Collective
Genre: Adventure/Shooter

Today on FlashMush I have a special blog post for all of you as I got my hands on a preview demo on the new game, Lost Outpost, by Garage Collective. The title may sound faintly familiar to some but if you aren't making the connection Lost Outpost is the sequel to Outpost: Haven and Outpost: Swarm. Those games have each been played millions of times and received rave reviews. Now, Garage Collective, is bringing Lost Outpost with the hopes it will be just as successful and I'll say right now that I think it will be.

Lost Outpost is described as a top-down 2D survival/horror shooter and that is exactly what you get...and more. Right off the bat I'l say that Lost Outpost is one of the best looking online browser games I've ever played. The level of detail presented, the graphics, and the atmosphere all come together in a perfect little package.

lost outpost action screen

First the gameplay. Like the description says, you'll be controlling your soldier top down as you traverse various locations such as the destroyed space station and other planets. Lost Outpost is a shooter and you'll be shooting a lot using tons of ammo. You start out with a few basic guns but as you rank up you unlock better and more powerful guns. Also as you level up you gain better armor, of which is comprised of three pieces; head, chest and legs. Since you'll be using so much ammo shooting tons of hostile aliens convenient ammo/gun terminals are located in various places in which you can spend the money you collect.

lost outpost weapons

However, while the gameplay is great it pales in comparison to what I think the best aspect of Lost Outpost is, the general atmosphere of horror. When it comes to browser games I have never really felt a good sense of horror like I have in Lost Outpost. Sure there are some point and click adventure games that are generally scary but in terms of plain action based horror Lost Outpost has all beat. There is just something about walking alone in an abandoned space station with lights flickering, hearing various noises that are not human and catching glimpses of red eyes staring at you. Then it goes to a whole different level when the action starts happening and you're faced with huge alien monsters chasing you or coming out of the shadows, water and everywhere else to kill you. Lost Outpost does a great job with this with the lighting effects, having items have physics attached to them and what feels like cinematic action scenes (that really is just how the game is played!).

There is a price to pay, though, for a game that is so detailed in terms of graphics and effects. That price is lag. Running Lost Outpost on my computer, which I think is a decent for browser based gaming, was almost unplayable with lag. Luckily you can turn them all off in the options menu although even after I did that I still had some slight issues but the game was playable. Other than those performance issues Lost Outpost is shaping up to be one awesome online gaming experience and one that I can't wait to play (and formally review) the full build with all the little kinks worked out.

Also worth mentioning is that Garage Collective is going the Steam route as well and is trying to get a Lost Outpost: Director's Cut edition greenlighted. You can check out their Steam page or their Facebook page to get more detailed information. But in a nutshell the Director's Cut edition is going to feature Lost Outpost with extended levels as well as Outpost: Haven and Outpost: Swarm. You also get the fan favorite Swarm Mode, different armors/weapons, challenge levels and comics to help reveal the story behind it all. Basically the Lost Outpost: Director's Cut is packed full of awesome and I hope that it gets on Steam so I can have the full collection and more on my computer.


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